Earth's Mantle Holds As Much Water As Oceans

Study Claims Earth’s Mantle Holds As Much Water As Oceans

Researchers affiliated with several institutions in Japan and Germany have found evidence that suggests the middle of Earth's mantle holds as much water as the planet's oceans. In the study published in the journal Science Advances, researchers write that the uppermost part of the mantle and lower part closest to the core are relatively “water free” because their dominant minerals, “olivine and bridgmanite,” have limited water storage capacity. However, the layer in between (the mantle transition zone [MTZ] at 410 to 660 kilometers below the surface) could harbor massive amounts of water because it is dominated by the minerals "wadsleyite and ringwoodite," which are known to be able to hold a lot of water.

Humans Hold Evolutionary Fate Of Millions Of Species Including Our Own

The impact of humans on the planet is so profound that we are responsible for driving a new burst of evolution for millions of species including possibly our own. Since human beings have become the dominant influence on the planet, observable even in the geological record, some scientists have urged that our period in history should be nicknamed the ‘Anthropocene.’

How Dinosaurs Actually Died After The Well-Known Impact Of A Large Asteroid

How Did Dinosaurs Die? Experts Reconstruct How Formation Of Tiny Droplets Of Sulfuric Acid High Up In The Air After Asteroid Impact Killed All The Dinosaurs

How did dinosaurs really die? Researchers reconstruct how formation of tiny droplets of sulfuric acid high up in the air after the well-known impact of a large asteroid and blocking the sunlight for several years and cooling down the earth, ended the reign of the dinosaurs.