Wild Vampire Bats In Brazil Have Started Feeding On Human Blood

Wild Vampire Bats Caught Feeding On Humans For The First Time

Wild vampire bats, that were previously only thought to feed on the blood of birds, have been caught feeding on humans for the first time. Analysis of feces samples from 70 of hairy-legged vampire bats, D. ecaudata, living in Catimbau National Park in north-east Brazil showed three samples out of the 15 the researchers managed to get DNA from had traces of human blood.

Why Dogs Eat Grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs eat grass as the natural remedy to make themselves vomit. The idea here is that they might start eating grass when they don't feel well or there's something else going on in their digestive system. But in a study that looked into this matter, only 8 percent of grass eating dogs were ill prior to eating grass, and grass eating usually doesn't lead to vomiting. In fact, only about 25 percent of dogs vomited after eating grass.

Why Can't Humans Digest Grass If Cows Can

Why Can’t Humans Digest Grass If Cows, Goats And Sheep Can?

You have probably seen cows contently enjoying a nice mouthful of grass. Basically, there are grasses everywhere you go; and although it’s a well-known fact that that humans can live well and thrive on a totally vegetarian diet, eating grass unfortunately wouldn’t do much for us. So what’s the difference? Why can’t humans digest grass, if cows, goats and sheep can?