Interesting Science Facts

A lot of what we see and experience today are the results of countless scientific researches. Even at this exact moment, more developments and advancements are taking place. Here's a list of 5 of the most interesting science facts.

the end of history illusion

The End Of History Illusion And Its Significance Explained

In a 2013 paper “The End Of History Illusion” published in the journal Science, three psychologists documented that people, regardless of their ages, are unable to predict change in their personalities and preferences as they transition towards the adulthood. The paper highlights the way individual of all ages think the person they are now is the final version of themselves, and that they won’t change in the future.

Innovative Technology Disrupts The Agriculture Industry

Innovative Technology Disrupts The Agriculture Industry

The agriculture sector is facing significant challenges as it looks to the future. Approximately one in nine people on earth don't have enough food to live healthy lives, and the world's population is expected to grow from around 7.5 billion to almost 10 billion by 2050. Natural resources are already stressed, and climate change is threatening to worsen environmental challenges.