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Coffee Overdose Causes Hallucination [Test Post]

Myths about food, including those about coffee overdose causing hallucination, will never get to its bottom and people always tend to gear up for their hackneyed research about food.

Myths about food will never get to its bottom and people always tend to gear up for their hackneyed research about food, including those about coffee overdose causing hallucination. Coffee is cool and it is indeed the most flavorful and aromatic beverage. One-third of the world’s population consume coffee.

Coffee Overdose Causes Hallucination

One thing that really flummoxes me is – many people are either obnubilate or confused about the usefulness of coffee. In terms of coffee, there is indeed more good things than bad. It is useful for hair growth, prevention of acne, skin and breast cancer, it lowers diabetes and some other diseases as well.

The problem is – fanatically devoting to something doesn’t always end up with a good result . So does getting addicted to coffee consuming. If you are having a bad day and you run out of your tolerance ability, grab a cup of coffee. If it doesn’t help, grab some more and more and more cup of coffee. Then, imagine anything you like or love, it will appear right in front of you. Get ready to get acquainted with your imaginary buddy. Yes, coffee overdose can make you hallucinate.  The study at La Trobe University, Australia confirmed that stressed people who consume five cups of coffee per day to deal with stress can exhibit signs of hallucination.

Caffeine is even more addictive than marijuana and excessive intake of caffeine causes nausea, heartburn, vomiting, increased heart rate, dehydration, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and tremors. In severe cases, caffeine overdose can result in death from convulsions or an irregular heartbeat.


  1. I remember getting into an argument with my room mate over her daughters being indoctrinated into the DARE program in school. I specifically mentioned coffee and asked if she would like it if I reported her as a drug abuser for her habit. She didn’t get it at all. 🙁
    We are totally out of control on the issue of drugs and their effects (or lack of)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked my post on the cheesecake 😉

      1. 6 cups of water is not at all equivalent to 6 cups of coffee. 3 mugs of coffee could even result in subtle side effects which you won’t realize easily. And, yeah celery and carrots are good.

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