Flyboard Makes You Fly Like A Bird And Swim Like A Dolphin

Flyboard – Fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin

Apparently, being in the era of technology at its cutting-edge, people appear to be staggeringly gleeful and excited about every new invention ever made. Although, everything that can be invented has been invented, human beings never seem to stop making things that have never been existed before. With this pace of technology advancement, Julius Sextus Frontinus who made the statement – “Inventions reached their limit long ago and I see no hope for further development.” seemed to be so wrong about what he articulated.

Have you ever wondered about flying like a bird or swimming like a dolphin? Well, the Flyboard is here.

The Flyboard is a watersport apparatus developed by ZAPATA RACING. It works by propelling jet of air underwater and of course, in the air. It works with the similar principle as  Jetpack. It comes with nozzles, 90% of the propulsion are given out by the nozzles situated under the feet and another nozzles on the hands which serve as skipoles give out 10% of the propulsion . The movement is controlled by tilting your feet and also by hands maneuver.

It comes with the number of kits which allows the operation of PWC (Personal Watercraft) throttle, kill switch and starter thus giving a better flight precision.

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