Pseudoscience Or Simply, Science Vs Religion

Pseudoscience is the representation of ideas or beliefs as scientific without scientific basis. Most of the time, it becomes hard for a person to differentiate between science and pseudoscience and that is what makes it dangerous. Unfortunately, our modern world is obsessed with pseudoscience.

Some people would do anything to avoid those so-called unlucky numbers, because they have been told those numbers can have a bad impact on their lives. I have seen many people who wear rings with the gems of specific color as they believe it will have a positive effect on their personalities and lives. This in fact is absurd and can’t be proven, but some people don’t even need proofs to convince them. Negative Ion Bracelet is one of the good examples.


Bermuda Triangle is another good example, people call it the devil’s triangle, because according to the legend, any ship that enters the boundary of the triangle disappears under mysterious circumstances and people regard those disappearances as extraterrestrial activities.

Bermuda Triangle, Pseudoscience
This map shows the general location of the infamous Bermuda Triangle | Credit: NOAA

New studies have revealed that most of those disappearances were wrongly reported. The route that constitutes the Bermuda Triangle is one of the heavily traveled shipping lane in the world and if the claims were true, it wouldn’t have been one of the most traveled routes.


Pseudoscience, Loch Ness Monster
Appearance of Loch Ness Monster | Image Credit: Associated Press

Similarly, there’s a myth about the presence of a Loch Ness Monster in highlands of Scotland and it is regarded as one of the remaining Plesiosaurus. Science now regards it untrue.

Plesiosaurus, Pseudoscience
Plesiosaurus | Credit: Wikipedia CC

Pseudoscience is actually the beliefs of a group which are represented as scientific, but its tenets are not open to testing and disproof, which makes it totally different from the true science.


In science, no questions should be avoided and no concepts are sacred. Science works on experimenting and thus, proving right or wrong, whereas, the concepts of pseudoscience can’t be proven right or wrong.

Uneducated people or those who lack a certain level of intelligence and reasoning are more vulnerable to fall for such ideas or beliefs. Some people take pseudoscience such as astrology as fun, but pseudoscience should never be considered harmless fun, because people who are unaware of scientific methods find it difficult to distinguish science from pseudoscience.

One of the biggest pseudoscience is creationism. This concept has the largest number of believers. Astrology, psychics, ghosts, palmistry, UFOs, numerology, etc., all of these are manifestations of pseudoscience and have nothing to do with the actual science.

Pseudoscience has wasted lives, money and resources. We live in an era where science and technology is at its peak and it is time to educate ourselves and others to differentiate between the right science and the wrong one.


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  2. psuedoscience=superstition then? sometimes when you dn’t have a science backround or much exposure it can be tough to distinguish truth and fact from opinion touted as fact or myths perpetuated as fact.

    1. I understand your thought. Not exactly they are equal but Pseudoscience is misapprehension regarding science, whereas superstition evolves ignorancy owing to misconception. In short, superstition is for inexperienced and unschooled people, but pseudoscience is for the people who are experienced and schooled with no proper reasoning and background.

      One question, do you think Aliens exist?
      If you do, can you be regarded as one who is experienced and schooled without proper reasoning and background or should you be regarded as the one who has proper science background and who can distinguish truth and fact from the opinion touted as fact or myths perpetuated as fact?

      1. define aliens? I consider myself to be a temporary alien in this world (the system we live under, the gov/relgion/economic system) also illegals are called aliens, but if you refer to extraterresterils like physical creatures from other planets? no. but if you ask if I believe strongly in spirit creatures who control human governments/false religion/economic or big business yes i do. Jesus spoke of such spirit creatures, in the book of job satan had conversation with Jehovah challenging Jobs motivations for serving God. once I was reading something about frequencies, how there are frequencies we cna’t hear or see, even frequencies of light for example we can’t see, that birds can, so when I think of spirits I think in those terms, they are higher frequencies which are eyes and ears and physical bodies are not designed to see/hear/touch. when I look at a table I know it is not solid, it is actually atoms that have alot of space between them, and when you touch it your actually repelled by the electromagnetism not the actual physical table which is more space then solid. weird I know but I think it is cool to understand this stuff.

      2. You obviously knew the “Alien” I mentioned above was the extraterrestrial and the doubt you expressed makes your statement – a little lame and naive, but that’s okay. There’s no such thing as false religion and whom you are referring spirit creatures to? Please stop fantasizing yourself. What you read was a book and a book can be manipulated in many ways. You don’t know the root of it. You haven’t seen Aliens nor have you seen Jesus. If seeing is believing, there’s no way you should be believing Jesus either.

        And talking about the frequency. Humans can hear the sound that lies in the frequency ranging from 20 Hertz to 20 Kilo Hertz. Also, there’s a specific range where humans can see and we call it the visible spectrum. These limited abilities are what make you a human and abilities like these get worse with age and which according to me, the more you are getting older, the more you will talk about Jesus and spirit creatures. There’s a method called quantum frequency conversion where it detects the frequency that lies beyond our range of perception, should we call it a Jesus method or just leave it to Science?

      3. so you figured it out all on your own then without books? no books influenced you in anyway? there was a time i was athesitic in my thinking. but that did not last. science is written by men too, so that fact some science books says there is no God or creator of the universe then you automatically believe it? it is funny I was just doing some research on these materilistic ideas, to lengthy to go into here, but just suffice to say you can tell what mans wisdom is by the fruitage that results from thier teachings like evolution, which by the way marxists was very influenced by. if you look at man’s history of anti god (even tho they claim to worship the creator or preach the bible, they lied) ought to tell you whether man’s wisdom is truly beneficial or not. just check your history. the more away from the moral values of hte bible the more violent/oppressive/cruel man has become (with a few exceptions of course)please never blame the bible for the violence of those who carry one having one reading it and applying it is totally different then making a claim of following it and not truly following it, it is not God’s fault that people do not follow his way. free will you know.

      4. What have I figured out? What have I not figured out? Most book is written from the editor’s perspective. As I told you before, you still don’t know the root of it. Yes, there was definitely a time you were atheistic, but with your age you seem to be basically embroiled by all the tenets ’cause you are losing your powers and abilities and which at the end of your life, you will be completely smothered with all those things you believe that doesn’t even exist.

        Moreover, you are inspired by the books written by men with modern ideas based on observation and experimental proofs, but not some blokes who wrote some stuffs based on superstitions 2000 years ago. You also stated something that’s entirely tantamount to saying – people who don’t believe in Jesus promote violence, etc. What if I tell you – the rate of murders in atheistic states in US is less than that in Christian majority states? I don’t blame your Bible. It’s God’s fault, the way people behave ’cause He created them unequally. Some are poor while others are rich, some are ill while others are healthy. How does He expect humans to treat each other equally when He Himself treats some better than others?

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