Google Glass – Glass Redefined

Reading the news about much spouted Google Glass, I just realized there’s plenty who care. Just look around us, our mind has been ostensibly repleted with all the hyped and anticipated news about technology. Pity, we can’t wait to taste every bit of it.

The internet search giant lately unveiled the much awaited futuristic looking wearable eye-glass-computer. Well, the first thing that strikes in my mind is – Will it touch the hype? As a matter of fact, Google has always been a leader in technology. Their ideas are completely unique and much less thought-provoking. Google redefines everything. Maybe, Google will build the SkyNET and the world will come to an end.

Earlier, Google Glass was mooted to be released for consumers in 2014. However, the latest tech news confirmed that Google Glass could be released even earlier than expected, that is – by the end of 2013. The reason for their earlier realease as reported in techradar is – “the prototype Explorer units are becoming an increasingly common site around San Francisco – and Google is even allowing competition ‘winners’ to pay $1,500 to get these early offerings”

In late February, Google released a video about their Project Glass and it completely blew my mind. It showed the series of features which one can’t simply feign – “I don’t like it, it’s not for me. Duh!”  We all know advertisements are meant to  aware consumers for a specific product or services; the features that were demonstrated in the video did well. They are as follows:

*Feature                                             Voice activation text
To record video                          – “ok glass, record a video.”

To take picture                            – “ok glass, take a picture.”

To start Google+ hangout       -“ok glass, hang out with [person/circle].”

To search                                       -“ok glass, google [search query]”.”

To search photos                        -“ok glass, google photos of [search query].”

To translate                                  -“ok glass, say [text] in [language].”

To get directions                        -“ok glass, give directions to [search query].”  *(excerpt from Wikipedia)


This is how the Google Glass looks like. It’s spectacular and I want one. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge)


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  2. These glasses look pretty awesome. Last year, I had to do a small presentation project for college around these glassas and since then I’ve been following the Google Glasses project a little bit more. I’m looking forward to testing these glassas and maybe buying if affordable. Great post, thanks!

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