New Way of Simulating Water Using Position Based Dynamics

Visual effect artists always bring an accomplishment to any movies or games. However, they lag some exertions when they render their efforts on water(100% Virtual). I mean, the water effect doesn’t look 100% real and there’s a lot of elements involved with a water spattering around and simulating the physics of water has always been tricksy. But, this Position Based Fluid demonstration brings enhanced mind-blowing effects on simulating water.

Position Based Fluids is created by PhysX, it’s a software for simulating fluids using Position Based Dynamics (PBD). As stated on their official website, PBD uses an iterative solver, it can maintain incompressibility more efficiently than traditional SPH fluid solvers. It also has an artificial pressure term which improves particle distribution and creates nice surface tension-like effects (note the filaments in the splashes). Finally, vorticity confinement is used to allow the user to inject energy back to the fluid.

Read more about Position Based Fluids on PhysXInfo.

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