Synergy – An Affordable Airplane From Synergy Aircraft

Synergy | Credit: Synergy Aircraft
Artist’s Concept of Synergy | Credit: Synergy Aircraft

The news about the augmenting deliberation of electrocopters that could surmount the skies seem to satiate our ecstasy of exploring the skies. Being in the era of cutting-edge technology, one just can’t push aside the authenticity of it.

As we talk about electrocopters, let’s get concorded with “SYNERGY”. Synergy is an amateur-built, five-seated aircraft operated on a single 200 HP turbo-diesel engine. It is designed by John McGinnis. Unlike many aircrafts, Synergy has a closed wing design known as a ‘Double Box Tail’. This Double Box Tail design helps in minimizing drag and resisting stall, thus giving maximum efficiency and greater stability in flight.

As said on their official website  — ” Existing personal airplanes are extremely expensive, incredibly cramped, noisy gas guzzlers; most of them three decades old. On the other hand, they’re powerful time machines; indispensable to modern business and a lot of fun to fly!”

John McGinnis believes ordinary families could afford it and they might even fly themselves without even having to go to the airport. He also added Synergy could be quieter, safer and far greater fuel economy than any other aircraft ever built.

For technical specifications, visit Synergy Aircraft.


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