Red Cloud Appeared Over The Marshall Islands.

Red Cloud Appeared Over the Marshall Islands
Red Cloud Appeared Over the Marshall Islands | Credit: NASA

As a part of NASA’s Equatorial Vortex Experiment (Which was conducted on May 7 from Roi Namur, Republic of the Marshall Islands), the red and white vapor clouds swanned over the Marshall Islands. NASA says the red cloud was formed by the release of lithium vapor and the release of trimethyl aluminum (TMA) formed the white tracer clouds and these clouds allowed scientists on the ground from various locations in the Marshall Islands to observe the neutral winds in the ionosphere.

Take a look at the footage below which was taken 3 months ago. From the appearance alone, the formation of red cloud — which many news media describe it as a strange cloud — is not a startling information and it’s very uncalled-for. During the launch of NASA Terrier-Improved Orion suborbital rocket earlier this year, the same lithium vapor trails appeared during the flight which is indeed not the same part of the Equatorial Vortex Experiment.

Lithium Vapor Tracers Timelapse from Carson O’Ffill on Vimeo.

More information at Wallops Flight Facility, NASA.

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