Phonebloks: A Modular Phone Concept You Need

Phonebloks is a concept phone made up of detachable modules which you can customize, replace or use in any way you want.

Every day, millions of electronic devices are purposely abandoned either because they become obsolete and run out-of-fashion or due to defect resulted by one of the component going bad while the rest of the components are completely flawless. This eventually leads in a large amount of electronic waste making it the fastest growing waste stream in the world and phones being the biggest causes. So, how about a phone where you could replace one flawed component with the new one?

This is what Phonebloks is all about. Phonebloks is made up of modules (bloks) that are detachable and each module constitutes their own specific functions such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, battery and pretty much everything that every smart phone has. The modules are all connected to the base which you can customise and use them in any way you want.

So, for example – if your phone screen breaks, you can easily replace it with a new one; if you run out of storage, you can upgrade it to a blok with bigger storage capacity and if you want to take a good quality picture, you can upgrade your camera. You can even develop your own bloks.

Concept Representation Of The Rear & Side View Of Phonebloks | Credit: Phonebloks

The concept looks utterly amazing, but to make this become a reality, Dave Hakkens needs support, he wants people to show interest in this concept by sharing it online. He even hopes to be taken notice by big companies which would be interested in manufacturing phones based on this concept.

No matter how cool the concept is, I don’t think any manufacturer would be easily ready to get involved as  it would undoubtedly dwindle their revenues. People will be keeping their phones forever and replace only the worn-out parts, which the manufacturers don’t like. Also, according to the marketing strategy, the phone manufactures certainly want to sell their phones even making you pay more for the extra stuffs you don’t need.


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