Among the most unwanted things to happen, road accident lies among the top. Even the most attentive driver has a narrow escape from death. It is estimated that of all the crashes, 22% are caused by driver inattentiveness. Other factors include over speeding and non-adherence to lane driving.

Thankfully, here is one good news for those reckless drivers out there. If you have a car and inconsiderate about road safety, this must be your prerequisite.

A new car known as Attention Powered Car is being developed by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) to raise awareness about the impact of inattention on road. This new concept car expects to prevent the road accident by using the driver’s brain only.

Attention Powered Car

The concept is currently being tested in a Hyundai i40 equipped with an Emotiv EPOC headset that is incorporated with 14 sensors to recognize electrical activity from every area of the brain.

Emotiv EPOC headset

A gyroscope, GPS and an accelerometer are also included to improve precision and to determine a whole range of variables including head gesture. The headphone also uses the driver’s brain waves to start and stop the engine.

The connection between the car engine, headphone and the brain are established through customized software. This software can also send a cut- off signal to the car when the driver is distracted and the car’s acceleration will be switched to idle to safely slow down the car.

[Images source: RAC | Video Credit: RAC WA]

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