uArm: Your Robotic Desk Assistance, Can Pour Drinks and Even Play Music

Isn’t it cool to see flawlessly synchronized industrial robots assembling cars? And, how about having one of those robots to be your desk assistant? It will be way more cooler.

Inspired by ABB PalletPack IRB460 industrial robots that are used to build cars, Chinese inventors create a miniaturized version of this 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm known as uArm that will fit right on your desk.

[Credit: Haden & Custance Limited]

The uArm robot is capable of pouring drinks, fetch stationery and even play the xylophone. First, it needs to be programmed in order to perform tasks using x, y and z co-ordinates and then, it can be controlled manually using a mouse.

Here’s the uArm in action.

The creators of this desk robot hope to install uArm on every office desk in the future.

[Video Credit: uFactory]

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