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Human Brain More Similar To Monkeys’ Than Previously Believed

Monkeys are known for their comparatively developed learning ability and complex behavior that puts them as the closest living human relatives in evolutionary lineage.

Human Brain More Similar To Monkeys' Than Previously Believed

Monkeys are known for their comparatively developed learning ability and complex behavior that put them as the closest living human relatives in evolutionary lineage. A new research conducted by Dr. Neubert and his colleagues at Oxford, UK reveals more similarities in the organization of regions of brain that control language and other complex thought process and also the differences that make our brain work differently than other Primates.

It has previously been believed that the neural apparatus in humans was completely different than that of primates and was not inherited by humans from monkeys but rather some other ancestor but this research reveals something different.

By using MRI, Dr. Neubert and colleagues compared the ventrolateral frontal cortex connectivity and architecture in 25 people and 25 macaques. Surprising similarities were found in the connectivity of these parts in the both species which is contrary to previous held belief and proves that Evolution gifted humans with the same neural apparatus that was already present in monkeys.

Despite those similarities, there were many differences that explain our distinct behaviors.The ventrolateral cortical in both species connects differently to the areas of the brain concerned with hearing that exactly explains why humans respond efficiently to stimulus using auditory circuits of brains while monkeys respond poorly.Another important difference was the absence of lateral frontal pole,an area present in ventrolateral frontal cortex,in monkeys,this part is present in human brain which is why we are equipped with strategic thinking,decision making and multitasking abilities.

The most interesting conclusion this research draws is the presence of similarities found in ventrolateral  frontal cortex in humans and monkeys are thought to play role in many psychiatric disorders like Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder, substance abuse including alcoholism etc.

Although this research has shown a lot, it is only an initiative of unfolding the similarities and differences between humans and other primates, that will lead to better understanding of how evolution caused our brain to become the most developed and complex in function than that of our ancestors.

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  1. WTH…i think we ARE primates. last time i went to the beach I saw some humans just as hairy. lol.

    Seriously, I am an evolutionist and dont understand why we are even bothering to compare, although I have to admit that in some ways “man” is more primitive than monkeys. Monkeys are kind and cuddle to keep each other warm. Monkeys groom each other. Monkeys nurture their young. I could go on all day. I have been meeting alot of cold humans lately.

    1. Haha, it’s not just about being hairy, there are plenty of other similarities too. And scientists are carrying out these researches because by studying even smaller similarities we can apply them to Evolutionary Genetics and it would help answer a lot of other Questions about Evolution and other life sciences, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting 🙂 I enjoy reading this type of material. Umm .. Duane , if your taking a Christian view point … Didn’t god create monkeys too ? Doesn’t God love all his creatures ? Should we respect all gods creations ?

  3. Why anyone would pursue this line of research amazes me. What’s the end game? To prove we are no better then monkeys or that monkeys are as good as us? Evolutionists are bound and determined to conclude that our ancestors were monkeys. I resent that degrading analogy. Man is God’s greatest creation and those who would prefer to conclude that monkeys were their great, great, great……grandparents are to be pitied.

    1. Like notyourmothersdairy said ‘Does God hate monkeys?that’s why He thinks they are inferior? In fact, monkeys have far superior morals than humans,do they kill each other for money? Do they fight wars against each other in God’s name? Do they torture their enemies to death? Do they snatch others’ resources and store more than they need like humans? Are they Gender biased like most of you religious people? Do they claim themselves to be right and when someone does not agree with them, they are ready to kill him? Are monkeys hypocrite as human? Heck no! In that regard they are far much better than us ‘self proclaimed’ superior creatures? And by the way, how would you describe the similarity between human and monkey anatomy? Why everything we have is so similar to that of monkeys if we are superior?

      Be logical and ask yourself what makes you so superior? A highly developed brain? Well, yes we have more developed thought process than any other creature but that does not the nature we have inherited from our ancestral animals, we eat, we reproduce and we die. I haven’t seen many people staying hungry and giving their food to the needy , if that’s the great purpose your God made us for, have you? It’s all about the survival of the fittest and science has enough evidence that we came from other organisms, with apes being our closest living relatives, if you have evidence to support your claim of divine creation, you are welcome to share it.

      1. Everybody has a right to speak their mind and if anybody cannot tolerate that, it’s their problem and if my argument lacks credibility, then where the hell is your credible argument?
        Sad to say: You’re old yet immature, I have a bad news for you. Sparkonit doesn’t tolerate ill-conceived religious stuffs.

  4. I’ve never like chimps. Not their fault, but they’re the only animals who murder their own – not counting man, that is …
    Not surprising that the brain similarities are greater than thought, I reckon.
    P.S. Check the spelling of your article’s heading, yes? – this is a typo I make constantly.

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