Science Without Religion is Lame, Religion Without Science is Blind

What do you think about this quote? Was Einstein right?

What do you think about this quote? Was Einstein right?



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  2. He was correct. People always want to choose one or the other. Science or religion. They are intertwined and have a common ancestry and destiny, more than we know.

  3. There is a science of life in religion,the explanation of life,yet there is still a separation,now is that lame or blind that’s a question to be asked when all else fails to be answered

  4. Yes, he is right, science and religion can go together very nicely, I believe they are both looking for the same ultimate answers just on different paths. We can all point at the moon with different fingers but we are all still pointing to the moon!! However, the word religion is a little misleading. I prefer to use the term spirituality, a lot of religions have been twisted and perverted by people so I prefer true spirituality instead. Thank you for the blog, most interesting, I just found it today and look forward to reading more!! Namaste


  5. We all have to have faith in something. Whether it be God, Karma, Reincarnation, or finding that perfect cup of coffee. So yes, I do think he was right in so many ways. It would be impossible for me to explain every nook and cranny without overloading this page with a massive response though. πŸ™‚

  6. Man should realise he is a minute, but necessary cell, building block or glue lodged in the vast body of the universe, nondescript, nothing special, plain Jane/Joe. Man should also recognise that at this point in the timeline of our own definition that we are a carcinogen, leaning towards full blown cancer.Peace

  7. Man’s faith in the existence of a “GOD’ or “CREATOR” has done nothing but destroy said Creation!

  8. If you’re faith requires your silence to their Dogma, and you follow, you will sadly never know what this “faith” propose they possess.

  9. I think this is true in the sense that science, at its fundamental base, is built on unprovable assumptions.

    Unprovable assumptions are the proper realm of philosophy and, with slightly more complications, religion.

  10. Science has been evil because of people applying it while feeling no empathy. The lack of empathy meant no respect or sympathy to who and what was being experimented on.

  11. Dear Sparkonit. Religion to me, is faith to believe in the better instincts of the world (supernatural or physical). I hope the same applies to Science. Some of us unfortunately, use both science and religion to appeal to man’s basal instincts, to divide rather than to inspire. Which is sad. Thank you for your posts, which I think ask us to re-assess our beliefs of the primitive brain. Your quote strikes at the core of what I am currently reflecting on, and will soon post something in this regard. Keep up the good work.

    1. Would love to see it. Well, as I mentioned above, science and religion should co-exist and religious people should not go along with blind faith. I do not believe in God, but I respect rational religious people and their views for gods. Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

  12. National Geographic just did an article on the War on Science and how religion has a lot to do with it. There are basics of science being questioned and it makes me so sad that people do not, will not or cannot comprehend that science does not conflict with a belief in God and the science in how his creation works. I am have a firm belief in Christ and in God, yet I also have a great love of science. There are also those in power in religion that prefer to keep people ignorant, Ignorance and blind faith leads to manipulation and control.

    1. Exactly! Science and religion should co-exist and religious people should not go along with blind faith. I do not believe in God, but I respect rational religious people and their views for gods.

    2. Trust in yourself and humanity. Religion is simply a business model that in it’s deepest and darkest boardroom will continue to thrive on their investors “desire” of easy profit and gain. Simply ask yourself this, If the faith and religion’s of Man/Woman truly had “The” answer certainly the would not rely on missions, the cue to there church would be in riot and chaos.

  13. This quote has an important message for us today in our modern lives. Looking at different part so society you often see the extremes where either religion or science refuses to accept the value of each other. I firmly believe that we cannot find the answers, values and understanding we crave as humans by embracing one and neglecting the other,

  14. I do not think a follow of either excludes the other but it is best to realize that science and religion are on two different planes of experience and faith and science do not intersect.

    1. Yeah, I do not think a follow of either excludes the other either. For many, science and faith are on the same boat and for some, there’s only science. πŸ™‚

    1. Okay, how about we flip?
      Science: ‘Blind’ is a body problem.
      Religion: ‘Lame’ is not a word of a dictionary of philology (Most religious people when asked for a proof, they hardly can provide. They stick to what they stick to). πŸ™‚

  15. As I told my son (a professor) years ago, Science and Spirituality are 2 sides of the same coin. If you try to erase one side of it, you weaken both. There is a time for science and a time for faith. When science believe it is the only God, it rages its own destruction and hosts its own inquisitions(for example: dependence on pills instead of using meditation and the power of the human mind). When religion believes it has all the answers, it rages an inquisition (or declares a caliphate). When, as Einstein understood, there’s a balance, you tap into the best of both sides. It is then the surgeon understands that sometimes the difference between a patient living through surgery, or dying, may depend on the doctor’s willingness to pray with him.

  16. Here is my updated quote suggestion. Science without a secular moral code is handicapped. A secular moral code without science is blind. Nice to see that you are still publishing nice science stuff which I read. Best wishes. Uldis

  17. It depends what you mean by “religion”. If you think it means either a particular church or a belief in God, then the second part of the statement is true. Religious ideologies that ignore rational thought are blind and dangerous. If you think “religion” is some sort of belief that the world is more than the world we understand rationally, then the first part of the statement is true. Science that doesn’t see beyond its own parameters is also blind, possibly dangerous, and certainly ineffectual.

    1. Religion is just an effort to make people morally justified what is wrong or what is right. It’s what we studied “Moral Science” as a kindergartener. And well, as the time went by, people started making their own gods and started setting their own “Terms and Conditions.”

      I am pretty sure Einstein would have never meant church or a belief in God. πŸ™‚

  18. Science done by immoral people can be evil. Nazis used Darwin’s evolution and other biological studies to justify racism and horrible practices like Action T4 – forced euthanasia of people deemed incurably sick or otherwise “defective”. Action T4 was perfectly rational program. It made society healthier and dramatically cut the healthcare costs. One could even call it “merciful”.

    “Religion” in this quote needs to be understood as a set of fundamental moral beliefs and principles, not necessarily as “unjustified belief in supernatural”. I think, in a certain sense, this quote is true. It reflects the complementary nature of irrational beliefs and rational learning where irrational beliefs motivate research and research corrects the beliefs.

    1. Agree that science can be evil. As for my opinion, one can call it a merciless act, because the unofficial continuation of the program led the use lethal gas to perform mass scale murder and it claimed 200K additional deaths against the official implementation of the program which euthanased 70K victims. So what was the root of this unofficial continuation? Of course, it was the official one, and that’s when – science done by immoral people can be evil – comes.

      As for religion, I just don’t like blind faith. Religious people need to be rational. I second your statement.

      1. The sad reality I’m afraid, If there is a Creator he has lost interest in this selfish, self destructive and hypocritical piece of fly shite! Religion without Works and selfless Deed, is called Government.

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