Bill Nye Shares What He Believes About Ghosts And The Afterlife

Bill Nye – the Science Guy, shares what science has to say about the existence of ghosts and what he thinks happens to life energy that ceases after a person dies

What happens after we die? Where does our life energy go? Is there an afterlife? This is the kind of question every person alive on this planet has been hung up on. Well, in an attempt to tackle this complex question, Bill Nye – the Science Guy, shares what science has to say about the existence of ghosts and what he thinks happens to life energy that ceases after a person dies – in a video hosted by Big Think.

As much as Bill would probably like to believe in the existence of heaven or afterlife, he is bound by truth and science, and admits that there has been absolutely no credible evidence for any of it. In the video, Nye explains that as a member of both the skeptics and the counsel for scientific inquiry, he and his team have looked for haunted houses, for ghosts in cemeteries, for psychics who believe they’re in touch with people who are dead. All they could find was nothing. Nye also talks about Harry Houdini, the famous magician who said if anybody could come back from the dead, it was him. But Houdini never got in touch with anyone, and no one ever heard from him.

“People have wondered about life after death since there have been people,” he explains.  “It goes way, way back. We started with ghosts. I’ll tell you I don’t think there’s any such thing. I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of when it comes to ghosts. And there’s absolutely no credible evidence. There’s no reason to believe that there are ghosts or life after death. There’s no reason to believe that there are ghosts or life after death.”

Our brains are so active that it sometimes forces us to imagine so many things and to look for cause and effect.  For example, when you hear a bump in the night, you want to know what caused it, and the first thing you might imagine is that there’s somebody or some entity out there causing this effect. What Nye is trying to explain here is that many of us want to believe in supernatural dimensions, so we create symbols and meaning where there isn’t any.

The candle that gets blown out or knocked over spookily may be due to a draft of wind. You may sometimes feel unsettled, anxious or restless, and it may simply be due to infrasound – sound with frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility, but whose vibrations can cause distinct physiological discomfort. So according to Bill, there is explanation for everything. Even if it’s about ghost and supernatural occurrence, science can explain it.

“There’s nothing afterwards,” Nye explains. “So what you’ve got to do is live this life as best you can. That’s the way to go. And if it does turn out there’s an afterlife and we all turn young again and can play rugby or whatever it is we want to do so much the better. But I see no evidence for it.”

“And your friends who believe in ghosts, you can outwit them. You’ll be ahead of them because you will not waste energy running around looking for ghosts. Instead you’ll close the window to keep the candle from blowing over or whatever made your friend believe in a ghost. Carry on. I’m sorry but it seems to be apparently this is all you get.”

Nye advises us to live this life as best as we can while we are conscious. And instead of wasting energy running around looking for ghosts, we can spend all your energy into doing creative things like learning new things, loving the life we are living now and making those around us happy.

Sources: YouTube, Big Think


  1. As much as I would love to believe that I would see my entire family, including my son after I die – I’m afraid I agree with Mr. Nye. My brain’s energy will dwindle and poof, I’ll return to a random pile of atoms.

  2. I am all glad we all have our own free will. The idea that we die into nothing always amazed me especially when we are remarkable as a human being, our remarkable world and forests, plants, lakes, seas, oceans, animals, insects, die to nothing all different all amazing in fact we as humans could never make. Diseases we try to cure, while we destroy the world with toxins and pollution rather stupid if you ask me.
    This world is amazing and it was made for us. Whether you believe it or not it just did not happen, and if it did God made it. Our brain is our conscience, we know good from bad that it why we are fools most of the time. Our reason for being on earth is to decide whether we want to return to heaven as we were all thrown out during a war in heaven. Amazing that we look up to the stars and learn more about that worlds within worlds with belief and cannot believe in God because he does not shake our hand as the world is not enough, we are like children we have to know for sure even if it is not visual yet we know the feeling of love and hate sadness empathy feelings that we know but do not see. YET when we believe in God our feelings are then fairy tales even though we can feel the spirit when we pray, even though we know some miracles happen, and small children who died and return say they saw grandma, let’s just say there is far more we don’t know than we know and our brain is something we know nothing about.

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