The Sun is a medium-sized star at the center of our solar system. And like most of the matter in the universe, it is neither solid, liquid or gas, but a very, very hot ionized plasma with the temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius in its core and 6,000 degrees at the surface.

So what would happen if you were to bring a tiny piece of the Sun to Earth? The short answer is you die. And the long answer – it depends which piece of the Sun. Watch this video by Kurzgesagt.

4 thoughts on “What Would Happen If We Brought A Tiny Piece Of The Sun To Earth?

  1. Ha! Excellent video! And a great little bit of reasearch for me, as a book I intend to write in the future may or may not involve the idea of bringing part of the sun to the surface of a planet and its posible repercussions! Now I can avoid annoying science-heads in my readership! So thanks for the handy help!!

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