If you have seen the Matrix, you’re already familiar with the idea of simulated realities.

Humans can’t experience the true nature of universe, unfiltered. And since our senses and brains can only process a fraction of the world, we have to use concepts and tools to learn about the true nature of reality.

Technological advancement has widened our understandings about the universe, but it has also led us to question that if what we see and experience is all we know, how could we possibly know if our reality is even real? Are we actually living in a computer simulation? We aren’t really sure. Watch this video on the Simulation Argument by Kurzgesagt.

One thought on “The Simulation Argument: Is Our Reality Even Real?

  1. Oh, yeah. I don’t think of us as ‘real’, so much as a consensus of a shared experience, basically establishing a premise that we accept and act upon as real while remaining ignorant of whole bunches of shit happening. I also think there isn’t any past or future; it’s all just now.


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