The apocalypse is finally upon us. We are left to survive in the wild. Zombies chase us out of our cities. And our civilization, as we know it, has started to fall apart. What would you do if you happen to come across scenarios such as these?

Well, you would probably be preparing yourself to do things you have never done before in order to continue life, right? But how would you do it? Here’s AsapSCIENCE’s look at scientific tips that will help you survive the apocalypse.

One thought on “Watch: Scientific Tips That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse

  1. Been through every Miami hurricane from 1954-2014 so know how to prepare for that but no regular person could know the devastation of recent hurricanes in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico and properly prepare. Even all the recovery entities were overwhelmed. Biggest threat ? Radiation fallout from nuke war. What can you do ? Nothing. Water, soil, vegetation, animals contaminated. All supplies will be garnished and held by military, medical responders and perhaps 2% of he survival connected population . In any event, the one item I would grab is a magnifying glass.matchesand lighters don’t last long and as long as you can make fire you can barter for just about anything. I have a stash of anti biotics pills and pain killers from medical procedures from the past. I suppose potency degenerates with age but keep them anyway.

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