A lot of what we see and experience today are the results of countless scientific researches. Even at this exact moment, more developments and advancements are taking place.

Researchers’ ceaseless effort in their respective disciplines has led to discovery of new things and scientific breakthroughs every day. Their endeavour has helped us expand our wisdom and understand things as they happen and positively affected our way of living.

Listed below are 5 of the most interesting science facts. They are some of the most exciting discoveries, achievements and breakthroughs in science that are made through the years. Read on.

5. Scientists Can Make Diamonds Out Of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter diamonds

Turning peanut butter into diamonds sounds like an impossible feat, but scientists at Edinburg University pulled it off with a technique that harnesses pressures higher than those at the core of the earth. The technique involved compressing the paste between tips of two diamonds; it resulted into an effect known as “stiletto heel effect” – and in turn, successfully created the peanut butter diamond. The same method can turn oxygen into red crystals.

4. Humans Have Stolen Roughly 145 Genes From Other Species

Genes from other species

On a genetic level, we are not completely human. We have about 145 genes picked up from bacteria, worms and fruit flies through the process called Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT). These genes have not simply passed down from our primitive forebears; they have jumped directly into the human genomes hundreds of millions of years ago.

3. There’s A Capsule That Can Keep Us Alive Under Water Without Having To Breathe

alive underwater without breathing

The capsule in question is an oxygen-filled microparticle that consists of a single layer of lipids. Bubbles of oxygen gas are kept confined within this layer and arranged in such a way that they don’t get any bigger. Upon injecting directly into the bloodstream, capsules enter the red blood cells and transfer 70 percent of the oxygen to the cells.

2. 90 Percent Of All Scientists Who Have Ever Existed Are Alive Today

90 Percent Of All Scientists Who Have Ever Existed Are Alive Today

90 percent of all scientists who have ever lived are alive today, according to Eric Gastfriend. Considering each scientist is 27 years old when they acquire their doctoral degree, and 80 years old when they die, scientists from 1959-2012 are possibly alive today, and if you do the math, the figure will come close to 90 percent.

1. Youngest Person To Have Research Paper Published In A Peer Reviewed Journal Was Only 9

emily rosa

Emily Rosa, 9 at the time, executed a scientific study which ended up debunking the claim by Therapeutic Touch (TT) practitioners that they could detect and manipulate “Human Energy Field” (HEF) in order to diagnose and treat disease. The study got published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998, and Emily became the youngest person to have research results published.

The list may seem too short for now, but it does not end here. I will keep adding thousands and thousands more as I come across more appealing scientific facts, and as more breakthroughs take place.

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