How To Know If You Are A GENIUS

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As of today, there are over 7 billion people in the world and every one is unique in their own way and even receives perfect scores in institutions but we do not give them the title of a genius. Being a genius is not just about academics or uniqueness it’s way more than that. We praise and aspire to become like such people. But why is it that someone’s mind sparks with genius while others indulge in mainstream mundane ideas?

What is a Genius?

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein in his office.

In the contemporary world, we denote an individual as a genius if they possess intellect prowess, i.e: having an IQ score over 180 and possessing a vivid creative mind. This statistic is mind-boggling as it symbolizes there’s only 1 genius in every 2 million people. However, it is not just about the IQ score as it can be imprecise but also because what good is vast amounts of knowledge without its application? That’s exactly what separates geniuses from the average human being. Some well-known personalities(deceased) around the world.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Albert Einstein
  • Stephan Hawkings
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Nikola Tesla

Although the name Einstein has become synonymous with genius, it’s not just about science. Genius knows no bounds for their intellect and creativity are limitless. So how do you know if you are one?

Figuring out the genius within you

Figuring out

Solving Rubik’s cube symbolizing realization.

To begin with, scientists have no idea what causes someone to be a genius. They claim that genetics play a huge role in that. But what they do know is how to know if someone possesses brilliance.

  • Curiosity: When someone possesses such brains, they are bound to be peculiar about everything. But not to challenge the universe but to understand it better in ways that were nor known neither were taught.
  • Deciphering: After their curiosity is satiated, deciphering is the next step. Some people just learn about something and then accept it as it is, whereas the intelligent won’t be satisfied so easily. The questioning is a natural progression to them and their brain works in such a manner that they begin to understand the inner and outer workings of anything they get their hands on.
  • Strong Empathy: Geniuses tend to be empaths, whether they are able to express that empathy is on their particular personality. Given their high emotional intelligence, one can observe and even feel others’ emotions and struggles and can relate or comfort them.
  • Solitude lover: Now, of course, we all love solitude from time to time, however, such vast brilliance isn’t understood or even accepted by some. Another reason is that geniuses require some alone time to recharge themselves, this in fact has been the case for almost all geniuses throughout history.
  • Sense of self: Unlike most of us, who claim ourselves on the basis of our given name, body, and thought process. Smart individuals break away from these notions and dive deep into their thoughts, they do not consider personality as something generated by family and society. They have a very keen sense of true self as none of them claims to be geniuses.
  • Mental health: Being a genius is a blessing for the world as the feats they achieve are unparalleled. This level of intelligence, unfortunately, comes at a hefty price. Depression and insomnia are not uncommon among them. As they understand the unstable, decaying nature of life yet they are not liberated from the shackles of mortality.

Does any of these traits apply to you? Maybe all of these apply to you, then you might be a genius.

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