Artificial Gravity Created Using Superconducting Electromagnets

Artificial gravity cover

Our Universe is held by four fundamentals forces which are Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear, and Strong Nuclear. While it was a long way to come to this understanding but we know that these are the ones that make our world the way it is. It was also said that all of these forces are separate from each other and cannot be created artificially. But it is very much possible as electromagnets are easily made by humans nowadays. It is only the gravity that we are unable to produce. As our understanding increased so does our curiosity to create it artificially. But it’s important to know what this fundamental force is and the electromagnets in the first place.



Representation of Gravitational force by mass in space-time.

Gravity or Gravitation is the universal force of attraction that is exerted upon and by two objects with mass, while the larger mass an object has the stronger its gravitational force will be. Though it is known as the weakest force in nature, it is responsible for our body to stay planted onto the Earth or the orbital axis of planets in our Solar System.  Gravity is measured by the acceleration of an object that is falling to the ground and Earth’s gravity is 9.8m per second which is denoted as 1G. Although this applies to everyday-sized things, Newton’s gravitational definition fails when we go at an atomic level. But for this article, we are sticking with the currently accepted idea of gravity.


Electromagnets are created by a core of magnetic material which is then wrapped with a coil from which electric current is passed. By doing so, we create magnets that work with electricity. From our smartphones to the refrigerator, we are surrounded by electromagnets.

To create our own Gravity


Metal cube afloat by Diamagnetic levitation.

Now comes the challenging part, to produce our own gravity. Previously, scientists have been able to mitigate the effects of gravity and have been able to create devices using electromagnets that result in zero gravity. Fruits, metals, and even frogs have been seen levitating in the device. According to one physicist in Belgium, it is possible with that same principle. He and his team have been trying to study the existing gravitational forces produced by large masses, however, not being able to control or manipulate it has resulted in the passive study. This frustration led him to experiment with electromagnets.

The physicist, stack a bunch of superconductive electromagnets and was able to produce a very weak gravitational pull. The problem is that this minuscule amount of gravitational force is easily lost by the strong gravity of the Earth. However, it can be detected by extremely sensitive interferometers.

Small it may be now we know it is possible. Granted we are far away from artificial gravity that we see in movies but with the advancements in electromagnetic technology, we may be able to produce strong gravitational force. If that happens it will not only revolutionize telecommunications but also, in theory, make space travel to other planets possible and if we know anything about physics, it can be done with advanced technology.



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