air pollution

Air Pollution Knocks A Year Off Your Life Expectancy, Study Reveals

Air pollution takes a year off the average global life expectancy according to study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters.The study which particularly looked at distribution of a particulate matter called PM2.5 across the globe and its effects on overall global life expectancy found that for those living in the US and the UK, life expectancy drops to an average of four months - but for those living in Asia and Africa, the situation is even worse.

Researchers Discover Brain Cells That Control Aging

The stem cells in the brain’s hypothalamus, which are also responsible for forming new brain neurons, have been found to control aging throughout the body. The cells decline as we age, which accelerates aging. But, replenishing them or the molecules they produce can slow and even reverse various aspect of aging throughout the body.

What do expiration dates actually mean

What Do Expiration Dates On Food Items Actually Mean?

Do you know that vomit-inducing smell that comes from the expired food items? Well, you do, and you only have to smell it once to make sure it never happens again. Today, many food items come with labels – “Sell By”, “Best By”, or “Use By” date - stamped on the packaging. Those are expiration dates. But what do they actually mean?