Interesting Science Facts

A lot of what we see and experience today are the results of countless scientific researches. Even at this exact moment, more developments and advancements are taking place. Here's a list of 5 of the most interesting science facts.

Jesus' Secret Revelations - The First Apocalypse of James page

Researchers Discover Forbidden Texts Of Jesus’ Secret Revelations To His Brother James

Biblical scholars have discovered an oldest known copy of a heretical Christian writing of Jesus' secret revelations to his brother James. The biblical texts, which relate to the First Apocalypse of James, contain information about the heavenly realm and future events, including James' inevitable death.

The Big Questions Modern Science Just Cannot Answer

The Big Questions Modern Science Just Cannot Answer

The achievements made in technology and medicine, even over just the past century,are astounding. Science has accomplished so much and has taken society to new heights by answering both the questions of the time and those we never even knew we had. But, here are some of the questions science still have difficulty answering to this day.

Mistake – A Stepping Stone in Disguise [Test Post]

Everyone makes mistake. It is an indispensable part of learning. One does not simply lives by not committing a mistake. As Albert Einstein said – “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”, one should be exultantly proud and joyful. Nevertheless, there are many people who just won't accept to learn from … Continue reading Mistake – A Stepping Stone in Disguise [Test Post]