How To Spot A Liar

How To Spot A Liar: If Someone Copies Your Body Language Closely And Nods Along In Agreement During Conversation, It’s An Indication That They’re Lying To You

The person you’re talking to is lying to you if he/she copies your body language closely and nods along in agreement. This is the conclusion of a new study carried out by a combined team of researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark and Arizona State University, USA. So if you suspect someone is lying about something, it would be wise to keep an eye on the person throughout the conversation.

Study finds depression can result in permanent structural changes in the brain

Depression Can Result In Permanent Changes In Structure Of The Brain, Study Finds

Depression can lead to permanent changes in the structure of the brain. In a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh, researchers found alterations in parts of the brain known as white matter – the key component of the brain and spinal cord consisting mainly of nerve fibres.  White matter is critical for normal functioning of the brain, and its disruption has been linked to problems with emotion processing and thinking skills.

Liberals And Conservatives Read Different Science Books

Liberals And Conservatives Read Different Type Of Science Books, Study Finds

Researchers from Cornell, Yale and University of Chicago have revealed that liberals and conservatives read different types of science books. According to study, while liberals opt for basic sciences, such as physics, astronomy and zoology, conservatives prefer books on applied and commercial science, such as medicine, criminology and geophysics.

Dark Humor Could Be A Sign Of Higher Intelligence

Dark Humor Could Be An Indication Of Superior Intelligence, Researchers Suggest

Showing appreciation of sick or dark humor may be yet another peculiar behavior of people with higher intelligence. According to psychologists, you need certain amount of mental agility to understand where the joke is going because there may be sudden shift of meaning you may need to recognize or appreciate even if the joke contains odd contexts.