Rich People Ignore You When You Walk Past Because You Are Not Worthy Of Their Attention, Study Finds

Wealthy people or those who categorize themselves as being in a relatively high social class are more likely to ignore passerby on the street because they view those around them as irrelevant and aren't worthy of their attention. While people of lower social classes tend to pay closer attention to others on the street when they walk by, rich people appear to overlook them as they have little to offer, the study reveals.

Depression facts everyone should know about

10 Interesting Facts About Depression

You have probably come across people using the word “depressed” to describe someone with mere sadness or the normal, everyday blues that last only a couple of days and get better on their own. But that’s just wrong. Depression is a serious mental health condition accompanied by feeling of extreme despondency that can result in reduction in person’s vitality, vigor or spirits.

Are Good Looking People Jerks? Science Explains Why It Seems So

Are good looking people jerks? It may seem so, but the truth is your own biases screwing up with your perception. The actual reason attractive people you run into seem so mean comes down to who you’re paying attention to in the first place. Your subconscious mind thinks good looking people are worthy of your attention, so you pay more attention to them and simply choose to ignore the unattractive jerks.