Can Loud Noises Kill You?

Loud noises can definitely hurt you, but is it possible for a sound to be so powerful, it can kill you? Yes, it can. It has been speculated that 195 decibels can actually do enough damage to your organs that you would not survive.

Pantograph-Equipped Trucks On Electric Highway

World’s First Electric Highway For Trucks Opens In Sweden

Sweden is testing out the world’s first electric highway for trucks. The two-kilometer (1.2 mile) long electric road has a series of wires hanging overhead that pantograph-equipped trucks can connect and disconnect seamlessly at speeds of 90 kilometers an hour, and allows the trucks to pass in other lanes and continue operating with diesel once they are off the power grid. As per Sweden Transport Administration, the technology is similar to light rail with contact lines 5.4 meters over the roadway, and the lines can feed 750 volts of DC to a truck.

Captain America

The Science Behind Captain America’s Shield And How Superhero Technologies Can Be Applied To Real Life

The only thing that attracts most people's attention in superhero movies is their superpowers. But, the science, engineering, and technology involved in making them that fulfilled their ultimate super strength are often overlooked. Now, Suveen Mathaudhu, material scientist at University of California Riverside, shows us how superheroes inspire him into thinking how the concepts of superpowers , with real-world scientists, can pave the way for inventions of new materials to not only improve our technological world but to also save the world from mechanical disasters that accompany the new inventions.

Sonic Screwdriver Gauntlets (GauntLev) Use Acoustic Levitation

Scientists Have Invented Gauntlets That Can Levitate Objects Using Sound Waves

A team of researchers at the University of Bristol, England have invented the sonic screwdriver gauntlets, called the GauntLev. The GauntLev works the same way as Doctor Who’s infamous sonic screwdriver does. While Timelord’s sonic screwdriver has the ability pick locks, disarm weapons, scan and classify matter, and perform a bunch of other functions, the GauntLev, for now, can only levitate objects using sound waves.