Proofs That Coronavirus Was Not Engineered, It is a Natural Virus

Covid cover

Since the outbreak of SARS-CoV2, the entire world has been suffering from it. Many have lost their loved ones and many more suffered through its symptoms. While all of this is happening, speculations have also been going around about the origin of this virus. There were countless videos that went viral over the internet and people assumed that the origin of Covid-19 was in China. This metaphorically split the world in half, some stating that just like any other virus this is a natural disease meanwhile others claim with absolute certainty that it was designed in Wuhan’s labs as a biological weapon. But what is the truth?

What exactly is Coronavirus?


Coronavirus as seen under an electron microscope.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes a person to have shortness of breath, constant coughing, and fever. As the scientific name suggests SARS-CoV2 severe acute respiratory syndrome, mainly attacks the respiratory system. It is spread by coming in contact with the infected person and/or touching the surface previously touched by the patient.

Evidence stating it is natural

Genome sequencing

Alternating DNA suggesting the evolution of Covid-19.

Although Covid-19 is one of a kind virus, it isn’t the first one. Back in 2003, the original virus called SARS infected the population of China in Guangdong province. Patients exhibited pneumonia-like symptoms and injury to the alveolar that led to troubled breathing. China wasn’t the only country that faced such a virus. In 2012, Saudi Arabia was struck by a similar virus called MERS and showed identical symptoms. So it is safe to say that a type of Covid-19 already existed prior to the pandemic. After some research, scientists believe these two are how coronavirus came to be.

  • Genome Sequencing: As we know genome sequencing is the reason why every living thing is the way they are and scientists claim that it is behind the deadly coronavirus. By comparing the available genome data of Covid strains, they found that the spike-like protein attaches to the host and targets ACE2. ACE2 is an enzyme found on the surface of our skin that controls blood pressure. They say that this is the progression that the coronavirus took in genome sequencing and evolved specifically to target humans.
  • Animal Hosts: Another theory claims that Covid-19 in fact came from bats as some have suggested. However, instead of just accusing the bats, researchers say that coronavirus while it shows mild to no symptoms in bats it accidentally may have transmitted to a human host and spread from there.
  • Evolved slowly: Some researchers believe that it is the same SARS that happens to be on a human host that slowly evolved into what it is today. As we became immune to the former virus, chances are it continued to evolve and adapt to a human host.

Origins of Covid-19 are still shrouded by mystery and seem impossible to uncover. But what we do know is that coronavirus is in fact a natural disease that just happens to originate in the age where whatever we see on the internet is taken for granted and as the absolute truth.

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