December Holidays Around the World (Country Wise)

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December truly is a magical month of each year. As the overall vibes are relaxed and joyous, and people are excited to bid farewell to the year. But more importantly, throughout the world December is the holiday month, most schools shut down after the 15th of December and people engage in various celebrations in their country. Though there are multiple countries that have various holidays in December, we are excluding public holidays which have a political basis like Independence or Republic days. Additionally, most countries celebrate Christmas day therefore it is not included on the list either. With that, here’s the list of December holidays throughout the world.


The beautiful country of fascinating yet scary wildlife below the equator celebrates primarily two major events in the month of December. Interestingly, being at this specific geographical location, Australia doesn’t get cold during this time of the year but gets hot instead. For Non-Australians, it sure is a new concept of December. Christmas and Boxing day comprises the holiday season in Australia. Even though they have only two festivals, they celebrate them twice.


A group of friends enjoying Christmas on the beach.

  • Boxing Day: Following Christmas, on the 26th of December, boxing day is celebrated. It is not an event where one starts to box as the name may suggest. It is referred to as the box that charity divisions put in the churches to collect money for the poor.


The European neighboring country to Germany, famous for its ancient castles and magnificent mountains celebrates two additional festivals along with Christmas.


Vienna of Austria is decorated during the holidays.

  • Feast of the immaculate conception: A day celebrated on the 8th of December in the name of Holy Mary’s conception without sin. During this day people join the mass in the church.
  • St. Stephen’s day: The day after Christmas, this festival is celebrated to pray and commemorate the first martyr of Christianity, Saint Stephen who stood by his faith against the court and was stoned to death.


A landlocked country in the continent of Southern Africa. Wildlife is quite rich in these areas, however, it is quite popular for its dry salt lake Makgadikgadi Pan, which is one of the largest in the world. Botswana doesn’t have many holidays in December but they do celebrate one day.


A group of students celebrating Christmas in Bostwana.

  • Boxing Day: In Botswana, boxing day is celebrated quite well in Christianity communities, however, Christmas is also celebrated but it is not a part of the official holiday.


Another beautiful country with amazing mountains but additionally the sea as well. Although it truly gives the picture-perfect holidays, it is freezing during this time. They do celebrate basically three Christmases.

Bulgarian Christmas Dinner-compressed

A dinner table full of food of a Bulgarian house.

  • Eastern Orthodox Christmas Eve: In many nations, it is believed that Jesus was not born in December but in January. Some countries celebrate it in January, in Bulgaria, it is celebrated on the 24th of December. However, they do celebrate regular Christmas as well. They celebrate it by cooking traditional Bulgarian meals and enjoying time with family and friends.
  • 2nd Day of Christmas: This is basically boxing day with a different name, except that everything is the same.


Ah, yes, Canada. The land of thick snow, the tastiest maple syrup, and of course, the politest people. Even though it is a magnificent nation, it doesn’t have many holidays this month.

Toronto CAnada

Toronto being crowded during boxing day.

  • Boxing Day: Boxing day is one of the only other holidays in Canada, other than the usual Christmas day. Canada being a nation with such cultural diversity, Canadians make a special effort to provide money and food to people of each ethnicity and background during this day. But this doesn’t stop Canadians from enjoying it to the fullest.


The Republic of Chile in the Southern part of the American continent is a beautiful nation, with over 6000kms coastal lines. Additionally, its capital is surrounded by the Andes.

Chile christmas-compressed (1)

Capital city of Chile during Feast of the immaculate conception.

  • Feast of the immaculate conception: Just like some nations, Chile celebrates the sin-free conception of Jesus by Holy mother Mary on December 8th.


One of the happiest ranking nations in the world surely gets even happier during the holiday season. As the country looks nothing short of a Disney book picture during this season.


Denmark appearing magical.

  • 2nd Day of Christmas: Like many other European countries, Denmark enjoys this day to gather money for the poor. Though Danes get a lot of paid holidays, this just adds to the sweet life.


The largest British country and the inventor of the truly exquisite English breakfast celebrates winter solstice in a unique way. It is the longest night of the year.


People celebrating Clock Festival.

  • Winter Solstice: In England, a special clock burning festival is organized where people wear hats in the shape of clocks which are usually made of paper towels or simple paper. Most people write their hopes and dreams in them as well, finally, these are tossed in the bonfire where it represents the dawn of the new sun. 


One of the northern Nordic countries has December full of holidays. Independence day of Finland happens to be in this month as well. These holidays sure give time to watch the mesmerizing northern lights.


Sled being pulled by a reindeer.

  • St. Stephen’s day: The day to remember the holy martyred saint is celebrated quite nicely here. People also usually go to hilltops where reindeer are used to pull sleds.


Another magnificent nation in the sea, where Polaris Aurora are prominent and the food is exotic. They celebrate the December holidays in a fairly similar fashion to many other Northern European nations.


Beautiful frozen lakes of Iceland during holidays.

  • 2nd Day of Christmas: This holiday is celebrated similarly here as in Denmark. But, the lakes are usually frozen and people love skating on them, plus many other events are organized on this day.


One of the most cultural and religious rich countries on this list, with its perfect geographical location for mankind, celebrates countless holidays throughout the year. But December rarely holds any festivals.


A lady lighting traditional Diyas.

  • Diwali: The major festival in India, Diwali is celebrated with much ecstatic energy and a peaceful mindset. Though it doesn’t necessarily fall in December, Indians follow an ancient Hindu calendar, and according to that the date of this festival keeps on shifting from October to December. It is celebrated when Lord Rama returned to his own home after defeating Ravana and 14 years of exile. The entire city was ecstatic to see their king return, in order to show their joy people lit the entire city with candles which is a tradition that is still being followed today.


One of the most famous countries when it comes to Judaism. However, Israel being in a certain location is popular among youngsters for its beaches and tourists hotspots.


Menorah is being lit and people praying.

  • Hanukkah: Though it doesn’t start in November, it finishes on 6th December which puts it on this list. When Greeks invaded Israel, it was seen as God had left them, but people stood against them and won over long battles. Upon victory a menorah was lit with a tiny amount of oil, however, it kept on burning for days. This represented the return of God which is celebrated excitingly in Jewish homes.
  • Asarah B’Tevet: A day of fasting on the 14th of December, which initiates from the first light of the day and one must refrain from eating or drinking till they see three stars in the sky. Prayers are done during this day.


The marvelous and one-of-a-kind, Italy. Truly a vital nation to the world as it gave us pizza and marinara. But with that said Italians love celebrating their holidays.

Italy-compressed (1)

Italy during the Christmas season.

  • Feast of the immaculate conception: It is known as L’Immacolata in Italy, people gather in masses in churches by a huge number compared to any other country. Followed by that either they love to have a feast outside or cook it with their family.


A nation with emphasis on wildlife and the one that has put a lot of care and attention into saving these animals celebrate December holidays just like any other nation.

Kenya-compressed (1)

People participating in traditional dance.

  • Utamaduni Day: This day may sound like a completely new and different cultural festival. But it is in fact, boxing day. A lot of discussions are underway to change its name to boxing day. Also, Kenya celebrates Christmas and this day with traditional dance in the fields.


The magnificent deserts and oceans make for a very photogenic country. Not only that they celebrate a truly wholesome holiday.

Namibia family tour

People enjoying family day tours.

  • The Family Day: As the name suggests, Namibia celebrates the family day on the 26th of December in which, pretty much the entire nation is closed and people spend time with their families.


A country full of beautiful islands, tourists spots, and of course the glorious tuk-tuks also celebrate a holiday as a tribute to a national hero.


Statue of the Hero, José Protasio Rizal.

  • Rizal Day: A nationwide holiday which is to commemorate the hero, Dr. José Rizal started the revolution against the Spanish inquisition in the 1800s. It is on December 30th.


Famous for its bullfighting and tomato festival, Spain holds a special place for a certain holiday.


Spain being decorated during holidays.

  • St. Stephen’s day: On this day, just like Italy is celebrated with large meals followed by church visits. They commemorate this day by providing food to the needy and also enjoying some fine Spanish food themselves.

Sri Lanka

The country with mesmerizing train connections and bridges along the mountains and beautiful beaches celebrate a holiday which one might not consider to be part of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanks

Statues of Buddhists monks.

  • Unduwap Full Moon Poya Day: Everyone is familiar with the famous Bodi tree under which Buddha attained Nirvana. It is said that Sangamitta, daughter of Ashoka, brought a sapling from that tree and planted it in Sri Lanka. It is celebrated on 18th December.

Though there are 195 countries in the world and most of them celebrate Christmas that is why it is not put on the list. Other festivals like boxing day, Feast of the immaculate conception, and St. Stephen’s day are major holidays in many other nations as well, but the ones that celebrate them strongly or in a unique way are on here. So how do you celebrate your December holidays?

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