Characteristics of Emotional People

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Emotions are a part of us, these are what make us humans. We can feel a myriad of emotions, influenced by circumstances, our mood, and the people around us. Although we all feel emotions some people’s lives are overrun by emotions, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means your priorities as a human being are different from most.

How do we define an Emotional person?

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Brain and Heart connection representing strong feelings when thinking.

An emotional person is someone, who feels emotions more intensely than others and tends to dwell on these emotions for long durations of time. For example, at work, two people made a similar mistake and get’s disciplined by their boss. While one listens to everything and brushes it off as a mistake another seem to collapse mentality and spend the rest of the day dreading the talk that they received. Does it sound like you? then you may be a highly emotional person.

Characteristics of an Emotional person

These are some behaviors that emotional people exude.


Holding hand symbolizing compassion.

  • Indecisiveness: One of the common traits of all emotional people is being indecisiveness. Obviously, it is natural to be indecisive when it comes to making big life decisions, however, sensitive beings seem to get confused when asked to make even tiny decisions such as picking a movie or choosing a topping for pizza. It may sound like a disadvantage, however, this just means that they make very thoughtful and aware decisions.
  • Overly compassionate: In a world where it seems everything is twisted and negative, these individuals can feel overly compassionate for other humans as well as animals. This is one of their most important behaviors as they are ready to help others no matter the situation, one can even say they live to support others. To some extent, they can even feel others’ pain. Most people who volunteer at animal shelters, animals rescue, and do other social work are these individuals.
  • Overpowering feelings: A person who can feel such strong emotions is bound to experience intense feelings that can overpower them. This doesn’t necessarily mean sad feelings or crying. But it means that even when they are happy they are extremely joyous, probably running around with a big smile on their face.
  • Mindful: Emotional individuals have a very mindful nature, not the level of zen but close. They are very aware of the people around them, as not to accidentally hit anyone or make a comment that may put someone off. Not only that they are aware of others, but they also tend to have a very good sense of self. As they always make sure they provide themselves with sufficient relaxation and they never engage in activities that may sound even slightly different to their mindset.
  • A different idea of success: The idea of success to most people is being wealthy and not doing much work. But these individuals define success as a state where they can feel content and relaxed regardless of the circumstances of the workplace and the pay. This truly is a beautiful concept and ingenious way to think.
  • Handling criticism: When it comes to being criticized, sensitive people handle it badly. As mentioned briefly in the starting, they take everything to the heart. No matter what was being said to them, it’s the tone that does it for them. If they are carefully and calmly informed of their mistake they quickly get to fixing it, whereas if anger or harsh words were used, they basically freeze in their head.

Emotional people are just different from the average person. They have very unique and interesting characteristics when it comes to living life.

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