If You Are A Grammar Nazi, Scientists Have Bad News For You


Grammar nazi cover

Of course, grammar is one of the key components of any language and proper grammar is essential to make any sense of a language. However, we as humans have a tendency to make mistakes regardless of our experience and expertise. So naturally, grammar isn’t far off this list, and here’s where grammar nazi’s come into play, they wait for someone to make a mistake and attack them with their corrections. But what even is a grammar nazi?

Who or What is this “Grammar Nazi”?

Fortunately, it isn’t linked to actual nazis. Also, it isn’t really a who but a Grammar Nazi is any person who is constantly correcting, arguing, and usually even taunting anyone who makes a grammatical error while writing (in the English language mostly) with their “superior” understanding of grammar. Corrections are always welcomed by others and it is also a noble act but when they become part of one’s personality and it occurs quite frequently over relatively tiny errors it becomes annoying very quickly.

However, a study suggests that this comes at a price and is linked to negative psychological behaviors. According to the study mostly introverts tend to be grammar nazis whereas extroverts don’t get fixated on small errors and tend to ignore them. As for introversion and extroversion, these are the central pillars of a personality.

Introversion and Extroversion

Visual representation of extroversion and introversion.

Introversion: A trait of the personality in which one tends to feel drained by constant human interaction and feels energetic and replenishes their mental space by solitude.

Extroversion: The personality trait in which the individual is compelled to be outspoken and is in constant need of human interaction and feels exhausted without such exchange.

The simple reasoning behind such behavior is that introverts are most likely to be contemplating their actions before performing them and even after carrying them out actually. Additionally, they prefer written ways of communication to preserve their energy over calls and in-person meetings like extroverts.

Then what’s so bad about being a Grammar Nazi?

Grumpy old man

Old Englishman being grumpy.

Well, according to the study Grammar Nazis are more likely to be negative thinkers towards others and overly confident when it comes to their own abilities. Not only limited to language but there are other aspects to it as well.

  • Less agreeable: Since we know they are stubborn it carries overs to being non-negotiable as well. Although it is a positive trait when it comes to closing business deals not so much when it comes to deciding a restaurant for a Sunday brunch.
  • Strictness for others: They are least likely to forgive others upon making a mistake regardless of the extent of the error. In addition to that, their brain works on a punishment for correction basis. However, they themselves do not abide by this rule.
  • Oppose to change: In today’s continuous shifting environment people with such attributes are known to be least likely to accept any change in their lifestyle. They will do anything in their power to maintain their surroundings and themselves as static as possible.

So are you a Grammar Nazi? I’m sure I’ll find out in the comments.


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