GPS Tool Which Tells Where Your Ancestors Lived 1000 Years Ago


Ancestry GPS Cover

We, humans, have always been intrigued with what was and what will be, which goes to show why so much stupidity occurs on our planet. However, one thing that is for certain is that we dwell in the past memories more than we should, maybe it is to fix the mistakes that we once made or to know more about our origin. While, neither of them is possible, finding cues about one’s ancestors is always an amazing experience. A fascinating tool has been invented that can tell an individual about the location of their ancestors from 1000 years ago.

Genetic Code

Human chromosomes

Human chromosomes under a microscope.

As you might be familiar with or at the very least have heard this term once. Genetic code is what separates us from other species and even other humans and makes us who we are. Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is the building block of each and every living organism, it commands what protein to make, how to make them, and wherein the body along with providing precise copies of each cell as they divide. It consists of four chemical bases which are denoted as adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). The combination of these four in various forms writes a unique code for each individual. It exists in a form of a double helix structure and many DNAs joined together in a long chain and a specific part of this chain is known as a Gene. When these genes are swirled together and wrap in X and Y shapes, these are known as chromosomes. These are what make up a genetic code, which is then also transferred to newer generations.

Geographic Population Structure (GPS)

GPS is a tool that is designed to identify and track where exactly your ancestors existed and this goes as far back as 1000 years. In the past, there have been many tools available that would show a person their lineage and originally what race they belonged to, however, more often than not it was inaccurate and didn’t work well for people with Non-European backgrounds. The designated tools that would do exactly this were available as well, yet they showed an inaccuracy of 700kms, which is larger than any city and cannot be taken seriously.

With the newer technology, this margin has dropped to about 50kms and it accurately traces back the ancestry of a person regardless of where they are from, as it was tested on people of a village of an Italian island in the Medditerain Sea, and all of their ancestors’ location was traced back accurately. For this tool to work, you need to have your DNA data ready to be uploaded online. As DNA is present all over our body, doing a DNA test is fairly easy, you simply need to give a sample of your hair, or skin but the most polite way would be to send a blood sample. Once the blood sample is sent to the laboratory, it is then tested for chromosomes and proteins and upon completion of this test, a detailed written report is sent to the client in the mail and even online. Finally, after submission of your DNA data for Geographic Population Structure, technicians look for and identify over 800,000 genetic markers. A genetic marker is a sequence of DNA with a known physical location on a chromosome, this helps identify inherited diseases and in this case location of one’s ancestors.

DNA test type

Ways to collect DNA for testing.

Though ancestry tracing and genealogy are rising in popularity and an increasing number of people are becoming interested in this or simply picking it as a hobby. This GPS technique does have some huge benefits that are more than just knowing our ancestors living place. As of today, human trafficking has become one of the most horrendous and problematic issues, especially in developing countries with serious problems in identifying the victim. These individuals who are subject to such cruelty can be identified, traced back, and helped accordingly. In addition to that, it can provide an easy way to establish whether or not a prescription is suitable for the patient, as some people are more sensitive to certain drugs, and the only way to test it is by injecting patients with a small dose of it. It usually results in rashes and allergies. Thanks to this tool one wouldn’t have to undergo this process.

The bottom line is that it is a promising technique that can provide benefits to the entire world. Not only it is beneficial for families, but it is also aspiring, and more scientists should work on such devices that help society.


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