Reasons to Buy a Flexi-Bike

Flexi-bike cover

With the invention of the wheel, the lives of humans have accelerated and advanced exponentially, one can even say that after the ability to create fire, this was perhaps the most significant invention. As time progressed we started utilizing wheels in our lives and it became a vital part of us and it was not long ago when the first bicycle was ever produced and since then it has been used by humans throughout the world either for transportation or health. Now modernization has allowed us to create sophisticated machines.

A history of the bicycle.

While the bicycle itself is fairly straightforward its invention was not so much. One would think that the simple machine such as this would’ve been created ages ago, however, it was only invented in the early 1800s. While many sketches and other significant information about two-wheeled contraptions have been found that date backs to the 1500s, none of them can be considered a bicycle. In the past, historians believed that Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to design such contraptions, however, later it was confirmed that it was not him or at the very least it is not official.

Draisine illustration

An illustration of a Draisine.

The very first and accepted claim of bicycle came from Germany, Baron Karl von Drais is regarded as the person who created the first bicycle in the year 1817. In the previous year, horses were dying due to starvation because no crops were present and hence the transportation was becoming problematic, inspired by such events he finally came up with this entire wooden contraption, propelled by human feet. Interestingly enough, no pedals or cranks were installed at this time. Drais was a civil servant and used to make running machines and him making such machines resulted in a shift of mentality and this machine was named Draisine. According to the records, he traveled 13 kilometers in one hour. Many years later another German named Philipp Moritz Fischer had the ingenious idea to install pedals to Draisine in the year 1853 and called it Tretkurbelfahrrad. After that, there have been many alterations and new designs in the realm of bicycles but only the standardized ones stuck around to this day.

What is a Flexi-bike?

While bicycle has been a significant part of our history and has remained pretty much the same for decades, new designers are making efforts to revolutionize this already perfect machine. As the name suggests, it is a flexible bicycle, not necessarily that it bends upon impact but has rotating parts that can be adjusted to change the shape of the bicycle to cater to various riders. Unlike other variations of the bicycle in the past, this one is actually useful and can even replace the traditional cycle.

Reasons to buy a Flexi-Bike

  • Riding position: Undoubtedly, the bicycle works on the philosophy of if something isn’t broken don’t change it, however, this 100+ old design limits the person in a particular position to ride. This isn’t an issue if someone rides a bicycle for leisure but this becomes truly problematic when one needs to ride it for longer durations, which is especially true in third world countries where a bicycle is the only means of transportation. With a flexible bike, one can easily change the shape of the bike to cater to different riding positions depending on the situation.
Flexi bike positions

Changeable position of the Flexi-bike.

  • Gadgets: Where some traditional bikes come with amenities like a bottle holder or padded pedals, they do not provide much else and ultimately riders need to rely on their cellphones, and to do that they need to buy a separate mount to hold their device in place. When it comes to Flexi-bike, it comes with a digital display that can be customized but as standard, it will display time, speed, distance traveled, and how many calories one has burnt.
Flexi bike digital

Flexi-bike’s digital display.

  • Still the same: Unlike other attempts where the designers try to innovate on an already maxed out idea, they completely change the image of the bicycle which more often than not deters the customers. With Flexi-bike it is fairly easy to see why people are rushing to buy it, as it appears just like a modern version of a traditional bicycle but with added benefits.
Flexi Bike traditional

The traditional look of the Flexi-bike.

In conclusion, this is one modernization of an old concept that we all can agree upon. While it is amazing, it cannot replace extreme bicycles such as mountain bikes but for the average everyday bicycle, it is far superior.

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