Six Benefits of Negative Ion Bracelet

Negative Ion Bracelet cover

The human body is undoubtedly a complex mechanism that requires certain foods and environments to function properly. While we are more than capable of understanding the easier signals by our body like when we need sleep or need to eat salty foods, we tend to miss a whole dimension of the needs by our subconscious. Similarly, we do not understand the effect of certain things on this particular area of our existence, hence that’s why the market is filled with products claiming to enhance ones’ life and among them is the Negative Ion Bracelet.

The Ions

According to people, contrary to their name negative ions are good for our health, while positive ions damage us. So what exactly are these two and where do they naturally exist?

Ion stuff

Electron jumping from one atom to another.

  • The Negative Ions: Simply put when an atom has gained or lost one or more electrons it is considered an Ion and it becomes a negative ion when the atom has gained more electrons. The general rule of thumb for finding negative ions is that natural spaces with a lack of modern technology are likely to have more of them, for instance, places like waterfalls, mountains, and forests. The reason behind this is that negatively charged ions are attracted to dust particles, viruses, allergens, and other harmful airborne particles and attach to them resulting in them falling to the ground making the air much cleaner and left with negatively charged ions.
  • The Positive Ions: Unlike negative ions, positive ions are the atoms that have gained a positive charge by losing electrons. These are generated in polluted environments and via electromagnetic fields generated by computers and smartphones. As of today, the number of positive ions is quite high especially in cityscapes with offices and industries.

Benefits of Negative Ion Bracelet

As mentioned earlier negative ions are present in large amounts in natural areas, however, not all of us can visit such places daily. While many gadgets such as negative ion generators are present they are not mobile, therefore we cannot use them on the go. Finally, there’s the negative ion bracelet that can be carried with us everywhere we go and it is made up of silicon combined with other minerals such as tourmaline or germanium. Here are some of its benefits.

1. Mood: Negative ions are known to work tremendously for people suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, or having a generally bad mood. You must’ve noticed one thing if you happen to think of beaches or mountains, our thought process automatically slows down because we know these places serves a higher purpose and this bracelet does the same thing. According to researches when negative ions are mixed with the bloodstream, it initiates a chemical reaction that releases serotonin which is a chemical that helps us feel good.

Positive mood negative ion

A woman in a joyful mood.

2. Neutralize Free Radicals: Free radicals are atoms that are not stable, as they have an incomplete outer shell and react quickly with other substances. Oxygen molecules in particular, once split into molecules are free radical and if they don’t bond with other molecules they quickly start a process known as oxidative stress, which triggers aging and wrinkles. Negative Ions are known to neutralize these free radicals and by using the bracelet one can ensure the free radicals in their body are being neutralized. 

3. Reinforces Collagen: Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the health of the joints and the elasticity of the skin. As we age the natural collagen starts to break down within our body and that is why most people often take collagen supplements. However, the negative ion wristband is adequate to help reinforce the collagen structures in our body.

Collagen molecule

Collagen molecular structure.

4. Immunity: Furthermore, the free electrons present in the negative ions are also linked with improving one’s health by boosting immunity. Though it is not possible with the wristband, high doses of negative ions can even cure illnesses.

5. More Oxygen: Negative ions also have a great effect on our absorption rate of oxygen. By simply putting on a negative ion bracelet, promotes the absorption of oxygen within the bloodstream, and not only that it accelerates the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues.

6. Energy: People are sensitive to negative ions by varying degrees. While some people quickly feel its effect and feel energized within minutes others might take some time to benefit from it. But either way, it helps us to feel more energized and rejuvenated, and what better way to feel energized than simply putting on a bracelet?

Energizes band

A person feeling energized.

While it sounds like a magic piece of technology that can enhance our lives easier, it is not the case. Negative ions, undoubtedly are beneficial to us, however, the benefits of the wristband itself have been a subject of debate and some recent studies have been found a high level of radiation coming from these bracelets. So, the bottom line is that the viable option to reap the benefits of these amazing particles we need to step into nature even if it is once a week.



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