Six Creative Ideas To Wake Up Early in the Morning

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Though our entire lives are lived within the cycle of day and night, we tend to prefer one over the other. There is hardly any human in the world who despises sleeping, sleep is truly a marvelous phenomenon, it rebuilds our body, enhances brain functionality, and provides us with free-of-cost movies known as dreams. While sleep is tremendously beneficial, it comes with one downside as well, waking up once it’s over and that too early in the morning makes an overall joyful life starts feeling dreadful.

Why is it hard to wake up early?

Before jumping into the ideas that’ll help you wake up early, let’s look into some factors that hinder one’s ability to wake up before sunrise.

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A girl is unable to fall asleep.

  • Poor Sleep: This should come as no surprise, if you happen to be awake late at night indulging in movies or our partying, just forget about waking up early the following day. In addition, that waking up in the middle of the night to drink water or use the washroom can also promote the delay in wakefulness in the morning. A night of healthy sleep is essential in order to wake up soon.
  • Mental conditions: Poor mental health due to excessive stress or overthinking is also responsible for it. Plus, if a person is suffering from depression or anxiety, chances are they might wake up in the morning but won’t feel like getting off the bed. Insomnia is one of the most infamous of these conditions that won’t allow you to sleep.
  • Night Exercise: If you happen to be one of the people who prefer working out at the night, you might be setting yourself up for waking up late in the morning. While exercising in itself is beneficial and promotes good sleep, doing it near bedtime causes our heart rate and metabolism to rise which results in a lack of sleep.
  • Medication: Undoubtedly certain prescribed drugs cause excessive sleeping and drowsiness leading to not waking up in the morning.

Ideas to help you get up early in the Morning

Now that we know what are some of the cause that hinders our ability to wake up early, let’s see what we can do that’ll allow us to get up quickly.

1. A minute a day: If you happen to set up your alarm each day only to find yourself hitting the snooze and waking up at your usual time, it’s time to change the way we think of our waking habits. Experts state that habits are formed over a course of the period and if you want the habit to stick, you must do it for at least 2 weeks, and by doing this trick you’ll train your brain to wake up early. Say your usual waking time is 7:30 AM but you set the alarm for 6:00 AM, this way you are likely to fail as your body is not adjusted to this new time. Therefore, each day set the alarm just a minute early, for example, 7:29 AM on Monday, 7:28 AM on Tuesday, and so on until you reach your goal.

Person setting alarm.

A person setting up an alarm clock.

2. Pressurize yourself: While the previous method may work for most, there are some individuals who work on different principles. If you find yourself not compelled to get up over a course of the week, try joining a certain activity or a group of early risers. This way you’d be obligated to wake as you wouldn’t want to let these people down. In various studies, it has been observed that when a person is held accountable or has something important to do they tend to be awake much sooner and this is the reason why when we have to catch a plane we are up early.

3. Change your place: Not literally changing your house but tweaking your living space to make it just right that it promotes wakefulness. Meaning setting things prior to sleep that’ll help you get up like putting a timer on your coffee machine so you have to get off the bed or otherwise you’d have to make another cup. You can also try to place your alarm clock in a separate room or better yet in the washroom so you can do two things at once. Whatever it takes, you make the change.

4. Sheer will: Perhaps one of the most underrated ideas and not much talked out but it is the will of us humans that can even move mountains. Therefore, with a strong will and desire to get up you can break the cycle of late waking. As soon as your alarm hits, just jump off the bed, don’t think about what you will do as it will most likely get you back in the bed. Simply, spring off the bed and then think about your next move. Additionally, by getting up in this manner you’d be highly alert as well.

Jumping off the bed

A girl jumping off the bed.

5. The Reward: This is an unorthodox idea and can lead to unhealthy habits, therefore, it is important for the person to be conscious of what they are doing to apply this technique properly. Start rewarding yourself with activities or food items that you love the most upon waking up, chances are upon waking up you’d find yourself not to engage in those things but the idea of having it first thing in the morning is enough to initiate a process that’ll help you get up. Of course, this idea is prohibited for alcoholics and addicts.

6. Motivation: Regardless of what you do in your life, motivation is required by most of us to carry out a task. Either have someone appreciate you waking up early or try tracking your progress that how far you’ve come from say last week. Slowly you’ll find yourself being motivated to get up early thanks to your progress.

Track your progress.

Track your progress on a slate.

Ultimately, waking early is one task that has become a great hurdle for many to overcome. But with the correct mindset and techniques, one can easily or through perseverance enable themselves to get up early in the mornings. Just stay positive and you can do it.

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