5 Unique Bloggers Who Took Their Hobby Too Seriously

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Throughout our lives, we continue to do various tasks that are required to be performed by us in order to thrive but mostly to survive. While we enjoy some of them, we loathe the others and constantly think about when will these end. Unfortunately, the latter is true for many individuals as they have careers in the field that they do not want to be a part of so it’s natural that they hate it. It is often said that one must work in the field that they enjoy and it will make the job feel like a play, so did these bloggers who took their hobby of blogging seriously.

What is a Blog?

Blogger is simply a person who regularly writes material (or in video format) for and maintains a blog. As for the blog, it is a form of online journal or a website that displays information on various subjects. You might be wondering what exactly is the point of blogs? The reason why blogging is such a serious and invested field is because of search engines, well, mostly google. The task of a blog is to appear on the top of a google search and make the website more visible and this is for a very good reason. Think about it, when you search anything on google, you simply look for the first 5-7 results and you never have to bother with any other results, so if the website appears on top, one can generate revenue. Interestingly, blogs started or became popular in the year 1994 and as the internet advanced so did the blogging industry.

5 Bloggers who took their hobby seriously

Alexandra Stapleton blog

Alexandra Stapleton posing during her blog.

2. Tucker Max: Max is an American writer and public speaker. His dad owned a restaurant in South Florida and he has been talking about a sensitive topic that most people do not even prefer discussing. Even before the days of blogging, he has been openly writing about the exploitation of women in various fields. As for his writing, he published his first book in the year 2001, and ever since he has written other books and even a movie. His blog started as a form of bet, but since he had been writing as a hobby for years prior to it he knew exactly what to write and how to write, he presents short stories on his blog and on which he receives about 100,000 views per week and people related and understand his stories.

Tucker Max Blog

Tucker Max posing as a prisoner.

3. Jake and Amir: You might not be familiar with these two names but as soon as you hear college humor, you know exactly what it is. It was these guys’ hobby to blog about various topics and initially, they didn’t think of it much but when they launched the college humor and started posting humorous stories, articles, and other interviews it really took off. Finally, after seriously putting in much work they were able to create a youtube channel and start working on both the website and channel simultaneously with help of many others. As you might be familiar, their videos are hilarious and blogs are as good as they were when they launched.

Jake and Amir blog

A photograph of Jake and Amir.

4. Mario Armando Lavandeira Junior: Just like the previous duo you may not recall this name or may have never heard of it, but what about Perez Hilton? Yes, he is the famous blogger on that website, where he posts gossips, controversies, and so on about celebrities. Mario initially wanted to become an actor and he worked as a media relations assistant initially, but slowly he started writing about celebrities’ lives and soon found out that he had a unique talent for this specific task. Though started as a hobby, the way he gained so much success in blogging is because when he initiated his blog, all other bloggers were talking about daily lives or topics that were, well, boring and Mario’s were full of spice for the readers.

Perez Hilton with son

A picture of Perez Hilton with his son.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk: Born in Russia, Gary is an author and public speaker. He is also a co-founder of a restaurant and wine store. His family had a wine business which he expanded by the age of 14 in America and before blogging he used to be a wine critic and thanks to his background and love for wine he started discussing and give his critic on wines in a video format. He still continues to blog, but on several other topics, and recently he even signed a seven-figure book deal.

Gary Vaynerchuk blog

Gary Vaynerchuk giving a speech.

Just as they say anything can provide a person with success if they focus on it and dedicate their time to it. As all of these bloggers are not only famous but living a successful life and still continues to blog for their set audience.


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