Science Says Intelligent People Are Better At Trusting

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Trust is one of the building blocks when it comes to any form of relationship, whether it be friendship, a love relationship, or even business relations. While some people seem to blindly trust anyone they meet, others tend to be skeptical and some deliberately pick specific people to trust and share their sensitive information with, what’s the reason behind it? Could it be intelligence?

What is Intelligence?


Human brain simulation symbolizing intelligence.

Human intelligence is defined as a group of abilities combined such as abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making. Along with psychological abilities such as emotional knowledge, creativity, and adaptability of mindset in any situation. Plus there are multiple tests and methods to find the level of intelligence.

Intelligence and Trust

In the United States, researchers found that intelligence could be linked with trust based on a social survey that is conducted every two years. They say that the people who scored higher on intelligence are more likely to trust others as compared to the ones who scored less and are likely to be happier overall. According to the author of this study, it is likely due to two reasons.

  • As we know higher intelligence gives the ability to adapt and identify the potential dangers in situations and people. It is likely that smart people are better at judging the character traits of a person and will only trust people who are least likely to betray them and stay away from potentially harmful people.
  • Another reason has to do with the reward system. Being smart, individuals can easily understand and process the incentives and benefits that come with trusting a certain individual. It is likely that they won’t place their trust in people they find won’t be helpful in the longer run.

The Contradictions


Research is still confusing.

Oxford University researchers, however, disagree with the previous data and found different results on the same survey. They found that happiness, health, and trust may be linked but it has nothing to do with intelligence. According to the researchers.

  • Judging a person’s character is a part of evolution and is linked with human intelligence as a species not with mental capabilities through natural selection.
  • Social trust is a vital part of services like welfare and charity. However, both above-average intelligence and average intelligent people participate in such events.

Both the researchers say that further study is required to completely accept this theory. However, at this point, we are unclear if intelligence is linked with trust or not. All we know is trust is essential when it comes to social relations.





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