Study finds depression can result in permanent structural changes in the brain

Depression Can Result In Permanent Changes In Structure Of The Brain, Study Finds

Depression can lead to permanent changes in the structure of the brain. In a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh, researchers found alterations in parts of the brain known as white matter – the key component of the brain and spinal cord consisting mainly of nerve fibres.  White matter is critical for normal functioning of the brain, and its disruption has been linked to problems with emotion processing and thinking skills.

The brain starts to eat itself after chronic sleep deprivation

Chronic Sleep Deprivation Causes The Brain To Literally Start Eating Itself, Study Finds

Chronic sleep deprivation can cause the brain to start eating itself, according to study at the Marche Polytechnic University in Italy. Astrocytes are cells in our brain that destroy and digest worn-out cells and debris, but researchers studying the brain of mice have found that these cells go into overdrive when the animals are chronically sleep-deprived, destroying more of the brain's neural connections.

Sitting Quietly Helps You Consilidate Memories As Much As Sleeping Does

Sitting Quietly Helps You Memorize As Much As Sleeping Does

Are you having trouble remembering something? Just take a relaxing break. Studies have shown that sleep helps retain information because during good night's sleep, the brain consolidates recently formed memories into stable, long-term memories. However, a new study published in the journal Hippocampus, has shown that this consolidation process can also happen even while one is awake.