Study finds depression can result in permanent structural changes in the brain

Depression Can Result In Permanent Changes In Structure Of The Brain, Study Finds

Depression can lead to permanent changes in the structure of the brain. In a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh, researchers found alterations in parts of the brain known as white matter – the key component of the brain and spinal cord consisting mainly of nerve fibres.  White matter is critical for normal functioning of the brain, and its disruption has been linked to problems with emotion processing and thinking skills.

Depression facts everyone should know about

10 Interesting Facts About Depression

You have probably come across people using the word “depressed” to describe someone with mere sadness or the normal, everyday blues that last only a couple of days and get better on their own. But that’s just wrong. Depression is a serious mental health condition accompanied by feeling of extreme despondency that can result in reduction in person’s vitality, vigor or spirits.

Job Leads Can Cause Depression

Job Leads Can Cause Depression, Study Says

Finding a job is one of the ultimate life goals, it is possibly the highest honor you could ever reward yourself. So what happens if there is news about job opportunities and openings, would you be happy about it? Not necessarily, says a research carried out by a team at New Vanderbilt University. On the contrary coming to know about new job opportunities can be emotionally torturing for some people resulting in depression.