What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper

Watch: What Happens If We Throw An Elephant From A Skyscraper?

If you throw a mouse from a skyscraper onto something soft, let’s say – a stack of mattresses, the mouse would land and be stunned for a moment but probably survive. But, if you throw a dog and an elephant, the dog would break all of its bones and die in an unspectacular way, and the elephant would explode into a red puddle of bones and insides. Why would the mouse survive the fall, but the dog and elephant wouldn’t?

Role Of Parents In Developing A Healthy Self-Esteem For Their Children

Self-Esteem is the ability to recognize one's own worth. These feelings of self-worth develop very early in childhood, thus parents play a great role in determining what their child thinks about himself. A strong self-esteem will act as a weapon against the challenges in life, your child will face. So, parents should avoid certain behaviors that can impact their child in a bad way.