The Science Behind Manifestation

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The new age movement has given rise to multiple ideas and processes, to most people these are nothing but a bunch of crazy ideas. However, if we listen to these new-age individuals they strongly claim that they are creating their own reality and living a fulfilling life by manifesting what they desire. Manifestation is not a new term, it has been used for centuries, but by masters and gurus, in today’s world, it is been thrown around like free T-shirts. So is there any science to it?

What exactly is Manifestation?

Before diving into the science of manifestation, first, we need to understand what the term actually means. According to the masters, the reality we experience and everything in it is a product of our mind, it first gets created within our minds and then in the reality. So it is said that manifestation is a process of solidifying one’s reality or attracting things towards them via believing or visualizing. Once a person sees that whatever they desire is becoming a reality, it has been manifested.

The Science behind Manifestation

  • Law of Attraction: Perhaps one of the favorite terms of the new age and pseudoscience believers. It basically means that positive thought results in positive life situations while negative thoughts result in negative circumstances. In the law of attraction, people claim that whatever you want to manifest will become a reality without having to physically do anything, all you have to do is think of that particular thing constantly. Now, of course, reality doesn’t work this way. But it should be noted that there is some science to it. As it is seen in multiple studies that if a person starts forcing their thoughts into a certain direction, they start acting and behaving in that particular manner, for example, if one starts thinking that they have won gold in Olympics, they will start behaving like it. But just behaving like it, if they actually win it or not is an entirely different conversation.
Law of attraction

Magnet representing Law of Attraction.

  • Amplifying the thoughts: Although it is proven scientifically, that if one happens to focus on certain aspects of their life, their experience is enhanced. For example, during an injury, if one is distracted they tend to feel less pain but when they focus on the pain they feel it exponentially. Similarly, when it comes to manifestation, it is believed that if focused on these thoughts they can amplify their impact on us which will result in providing us with scenarios that propel us to our desired reality. While I can totally agree with the amplification of thoughts, creating reality based on thoughts has no scientific evidence so far.
  • Visualization: Another powerful tool that is often discussed in modern spiritual communities is visualization. According to them, by visualizing strongly, one can manifest their desired reality. The way it is described is that visualizing the perfect reality with each and every small detail can attract the desired circumstances and people. Psychologists do say that this work to some extent, as it has similar properties to the law of attraction. However, in a different study, it was seen that the people who visualized their dream life were the ones who experienced more negative emotions upon not having the expected results and the process of visualization actually prevented them from engaging in tasks that are essential for their desires to be fulfilled.

The True Manifestation

Manifestation is a real process and it can be done, however, there’s a big catch to it. The reason why manifestation has been around for thousands of years and is rarely talked about by actual heightened beings is that they understand fully it is not something to be done lightly. In each and every discipline of spirituality, manifestation is neither talked about nor it is taught to the disciples by the Guru, why? Because they know it is something that cannot be done by an unorganized mind.

Records and evidence are available of enlightened beings churning the essence of reality itself. The way it works is that those enlightened masters have complete control over their minds, they understand what thoughts are and how they behave and how reality works. According to them, organizing the mind is of utmost priority, because as soon as the mind is understood manifestation becomes as easy as breathing. As an example, no matter how much you try to put a piece of the puzzle the wrong way in, it won’t happen and you will break the piece. But once you understand how and where to put the piece slowly the entire picture appears.

Buddha and disciples

Gautama Buddha teaching his disciples.

Unfortunately, the new age people are neither enlightened nor they have attained a balance within their mind, and yet they teach manifestation. Coincidentally one of the situations they desire may happen but it is a constant struggle that will ultimately result in burnout and frustration.

Ultimately, it is the mind that must be understood first and manifestation will happen by itself. Scientific proofs and studies are present that shows that once the mind is at ease and balanced, the new and awe-inspiring potential of human is unlocked, where manifestation doesn’t even matter anymore.

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