Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

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Our world is a beautiful place with such a variation in weather, cultures, food, and people. But among all the different aspects of various countries, our desire for peace is universal. As of today, our world is undergoing many negative and destructive changes, actions performed by some individuals may seem as if we are straying further away from our desire to maintain harmony. While some nations are engaged in wars others are utilizing their resources to maintain a peaceful environment for their people.

Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Each year a Global Peace Index is published by The Insitute for Economics and Peace. Among this study, 163 countries and territories are assessed to determine which countries are the most violent along with which are the most peaceful. It is done by taking a lot of aspects into consideration such as military operations, terrorism potential and activities, and so on. With that, these are the ten countries that rank the highest when it comes to being peaceful in 2021.

10. Canada: Was Canada really a surprise to be on this list? When it comes to peace, Canada has become synonymous with it. It is culturally rich as people from various countries have been migrated to Canada, you can find marketplaces and restaurants from basically every country here, it truly shows a beautiful harmony of different cultures coexisting. In addition to that, crime rates are fairly less in Canada compared to other nations, putting it on this list.


Skyline of the Toronto downtown.

9. Czech Republic: We tend not to think of this landlocked central European nation when it comes to peace. However, this country along with its natural beauty has a great healthcare system, modern lifestyle, and most important of them all an extensive security system. In addition to that, it ranks second lowest in the poverty rate and overall has a very relaxed and calm vibe. It’s a great place to be.

Prague Czech Republic

Top view of Prague city.

8. Ireland: Ah yes, Ireland. The stereotypes may have you thinking that Ireland is the land of drunk people sitting in bars. Although true,  Ireland provides with great public transportation and in addition to that you are legally allowed to carry dual-citizenship. With these and low crime rates, it makes the eighth spot on this list.

Ireland dublin

Arthur’s, A famous pub in Dublin.

7. Switzerland: A country that produces such amazing chocolates there was no doubt it wouldn’t be peaceful. Jokes aside, Switzerland is one of the few countries where laws are made for the well-being of the citizens and pets, of course, additionally, any law can be challenged by the citizens. In addition to that, social animals like ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. are illegal to own unless you have two of them for their mental health. Crime rates are one of the lowest in Switzerland and not to mention the beautiful weather. All the things combined make it a peaceful nation.

Geneva Switzerland

Arial view of Geneva, Switzerland.

6. Austria: Another beautiful country of the European Union, Austria is sixth on the list. It is the land of farmers, as you can see there are a lot of farms in the country and pretty much every person has a family member who’s into farming. Additionally, like Switzerland, Austrians love dogs as dogs are welcomed in pretty much every restaurant. More importantly like many other EU nations, education is completely free in Austria and even universities’ tuition fees are drastically low compared to say the United States.

Austria Graz

The colorful city of Graz.

5. Slovenia: The first Slavic country on this list and again a part of the European Union. According to the citizens of Slovenia, it is extremely safe here in pretty much any time of the day. Education is free as well. Being in the middle of Europe with Austria, Croatia, and Hungary surrounding it, Slovenia has a bit of everything to offer.

Ljubljana Slovenia

A photograph of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

4. Portugal: The neighboring country of Spain is a beautiful nation with amazing food and beaches. Additionally, there are no border controls in the country, meaning you can easily access Spain as well if you wish, though you must provide identification at the Spanish border. Like other nations, it is very safe and has a low cost of living, plus pretty much every corner of Portugal houses a recreational activity. Overall, life is relaxed here.

Coimbra Portugal

The city of Coimbra.

3. Denmark: Now we have made it into the top three and Denmark is obviously on the third spot, though used to be first for many years. Denmark provides their working professional one of the best incentives, paid leave of 5 weeks. Additionally, encouraging their citizens to maintain a healthy work-life balance with a cultural process known as Hygge, where people get to hang out with their loved ones over a cup of coffee or meal. This style of meeting is cherished here and, of course, education is free as well.

Denmark happiness

A mesmerizing photograph of Denmark.

2. New Zealand: Number one on the list against Covid-19 and second on the list of most peaceful nations, New Zealand truly is a great country with beautiful beaches and about 100 mountains. Just like Canada, New Zealand is also a culturally diverse nation as people from many ethnic backgrounds have migrated and settled here. Crime rates are very low here, plus people are welcoming. Not only does New Zealand doesn’t engage in external wars, internally it is peaceful as well.


A photograph of Auckland downtown.

1. Iceland: This list is topped by the Nordic nation of Iceland, home of the mesmerizing Northern lights. It is considered among one of the safest countries in the world. The food and people are great here, Icelanders are proud to be part of this nation. In addition to these, Iceland always seems to fill in the roles with new hires, unemployment rates are minimal here. The only downside of this country for foreigners is its location, being a sub-arctic nation winter are brutal here.

Akureyri Iceland

A photograph of peaceful Akureyri.

These were the top 10 peaceful countries of 2021. Where does your country rank? Are you a part of these ten nations? Let us know.

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