Sparkonit is a web-based information service which covers a wide range of topics. From introduction of different science related topics to reviews on latest scientific discoveries, Sparkonit has it all. Our mission is to spread scientific knowledge in an easy and extensive way that does not bore its readers and inspire them with what science can do. 

From the initiation of its task in March, 2013 to the day, Sparkonit has published hundred of articles liked by readers from all over the world. Writers at Sparkonit convey their views on different subjects by writing reviews. The reviews on science related essays, articles and videos can also be requested by the readers. We believe everybody in today’s world should be aware of at least the basis of science and the new developments bring brought by our honorable scientists.


As stated earlier, we want to aware every one of the latest developments in different scientific disciplines and the pillar concepts on which the basis of science are laid. Science is life, there is not a part of our lives today which science does not influence. The high standard of life we have today, all the facilities we avail, whether it be travelling by train or medical developments saving our lives, we owe science a big time.

Most people don’t realize the importance of science, because they are unaware, but Sparkonit has taken on a responsibility of spreading the scientific knowledge. When people are aware with scientific concepts they cannot only appreciate the nature and human mind, but can also contribute towards the development of science and thus helping humanity the best way they can.

We especially intend to help students. Most students these days are just bored reading descriptive and complex science concepts in their books, if they develop the interest they can conquer all the knowledge, but they just are not interested. Sparkonit gives brief essays in an entertaining way thus helping students develop interest and become the future contributors to science and technology.


Other than merging science and fun in our posts, we value our readers and their opinions more than everything. Anyone can request reviews on any scientific content, can give suggestions on which topic would they want us to write about and what else do they want us to add to the site. We want to make Sparkonit a platform where readers can not only interact with writers, but also to each other. But most of all what we want is spread knowledge.

When people are aware of scientific concepts and their impact on their lives, they can improve their standard of living by taking care of their health, by not believing the myths of pseudoscience and by respecting each other’s liberty. That can only happen when people know how human body and mind works, science can teach you that and Sparkonit is a source of all that knowledge that can change society by influencing its citizens.

We will create a section which contains the inspiring biographies of scientists which are written to honor their contributions made to science and technology and to remind people of those true heroes who are the reasons we are living a comfortable life today.

Most of people who read Sparkonit are either students or people belonging to any science discipline, but we write in a way that makes even a person unaware of science gets info and fun out of it. We hope one day our community will have representatives of all the professions and all the countries.

Reasons To Choose SPARKONIT

  • Our content has basic science relating to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and many others.
  • We also publish latest researches.
  • We take opinions from readers.
  • We publish reviews requested by readers.
  • We welcome guest writers, if you want to be a contributor, please head to the Guest Post section.
  • We publish about topics requested by readers. So if you stumble across any interesting reads while browsing the web and want us to write it here, reach us here.
  • Readers can ask anytime about anything about the published articles. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment – we will certainly reply to your comments.

We hope Sparkonit inspires you and become a permanent member of our community and contribute to the cause of spreading the light of knowledge.